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/z/ mod applications are ending soon!

I need feedback on this new feature that could be exclusive to 3chan click here for me info.

/z/ mod applications are ending soon!

I need feedback on this new feature that could be exclusive to 3chan click here for me info.
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File: janitor.gif (806 KB, 260x260)
806 KB
It's time to choose a new mod for /z/.

If your interested then send an e-mail to admin at 3chan dot co detailing why you want to rule this board and what you will do with it, good luck.

fuck the mods we need anarchy

File: 1542548268353s.jpg (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
Kyary is /z/'s mascot. May her kwaii aura bless this degenerate board. Also welcome to /z/. This is a place for you Anons who don't fit in on any other board and get bullied on every board they go to. Rule 1 applies here and that is it.
she is such a cute mascot <3
good choice ^^
Kyary is a real life magical girl.

File: m33t.png (156 KB, 600x295)
156 KB
m33t is n33t
lmao nice inspect element
i always thought it ran on Windows calculator

File: 4e01b498443a0cff63346f51a97a6e3c.png (735 KB, 634x1153)
735 KB
Girls whose cum you want down your throat
6 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Honestly I'd love to suck her dry <3
454 KB
Swallow her hot load after a hot sesh
>>99 I wanna rape this trap!
Futanari is good! All males should rape all intersexes!
File: ea4444c62d73655eafa3982397c69bb8[1].png (3.1 MB, 1800x2700)
3.1 MB
The only protein shake you'll ever need is the one she has on tap

File: 1543807303560.jpg (476 KB, 1496x1056)
476 KB
hallo mein kamarade!
this is your fuhrer speaking. i am here to declare /z/ the new na/z/i board.
from now on, all posts must respect dein fuhrer. sieg heil!
File: 1503756351376.jpg (170 KB, 565x800)
170 KB
das ist a gut thread, jawohl?
Are we not der supermen? Aryan pure supermen?
File: 1509315937559.png (246 KB, 640x480)
246 KB
ja we ist the supermen.
super duper supermen!

File: umaru168.jpg (55 KB, 740x489)
55 KB
Ohai. If you are abandoning /abc/ can I has it? The Umaru Empire must keep expanding.
File: 1544198892033.jpg (11 KB, 240x240)
11 KB
he wont do it cause he's a cuck
File: umaru177.jpg (104 KB, 740x493)
104 KB
Hai again. I'm trying to bring your /abc/ board back to life but I'm not good with computer.

Can you give me its original CSS theme so that I can restore the old feel? Pretty please?

File: DstNPZrU0AAjwoV.jpeg (117 KB, 900x667)
117 KB
pro tip: you can't
gamers rise up
File: 2qj3ft.jpg (110 KB, 888x500)
110 KB

File: ET Contact Tool app.png (259 KB, 512x512)
259 KB
oh no, not here, too

File: pepsiman.jpg (18 KB, 300x243)
18 KB
Why doesn't PepsiMan get a full length movie like all the other laim superheros do? Why does he not get a AAA game on a modern platform like the laim spider boy does? Why don't boys and girls dress up as him for Halloween? PepsiMan is the best superhero and is greatly underappreciated. He can move fast, conjure Pepsi magically, and he saves many lives doing this. Meanwhile, all of the other superheros do more harm than good, and only have superpowers because of some laim gear. PepsiMan is clearly the superior hero, and if you fail to realize this than you are ignorant and uneducated.
Pepsi Man is sexy af
Pepsi is like AMD; better than the other one but not as popular
no and are you a trap?
Name and email field kinda says it all, it's a spambot
Maybe it's because pepsi hasn't started using pepsi-man worldwide yet - pepsiman should be in all their commercials

File: vsdvsdv.PNG (449 KB, 649x419)
449 KB
Water shits:


¿Que sentido tiene este fetiche? Me los explicas.

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