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Don't forget that we have a Rule 34 board, If it exists there is porn of it. No exceptions!
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Join our discord server, or not its up to you.

Don't forget that we have a Rule 34 board, If it exists there is porn of it. No exceptions!
/vd/ has been renamed to /0/.

Join our discord server, or not its up to you.

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1) This board is for people who are NEET or strictly identify with the NEET culture. Anything other than that will be pruned
2) To keep in mind of the quality of this board, anons are highly discouraged in taking part in discussions involving who is a real "NEET" and who isnt.
3) This place is also welcomed for "Robots" and "Incels" or anyone who is tired of life, apart from NEETcels

And dont forget to have fun!
Enjoy your stay in 3/n33t

(reply to things here that dont need a new thread)
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File: sfw.JPG (10 KB, 134x106)
10 KB
According to the homepage /neet/ is safe for work.
Are they trying to tell us to get jobs?

Irony at its best lol.
Is this board meant to be a porn board?

File: 1499360876200.jpg (17 KB, 248x400)
17 KB
>>1252 (OP)
no way this shit means anything

Na it actually means stuff i just don't fully understand it yet. The first one is something about killing yourself and the second one is something about your a woman something man child???

File: DSC.jpg (133 KB, 1024x757)
133 KB
How do you stay NEET when you have to live on your own, buy own groceries, rent, taxes etc?
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I've heard whisperings of people that have an automated script for whatever that nets them hundreds of dollars automatically. Enough to scrape by for the month with some other things covered.
File: kitler8848.jpg (90 KB, 500x375)
90 KB
autismbux and gobermint subsidized housing
>>1215 (OP)
>photo of satoru iwata
>playing pikmin
very comfy
Who's satoru
ur uncle

File: t_5ccd47e62ee9da38244c91f(...).png (33 KB, 200x188)
33 KB
I envy you hikikomoris

I have been cucked to the school system my whole life and the only neet experience I had was the 3 months of summer between highschool and uni, where I would carelessly game everyday. I would kill to have that experience again.

But for now I'm about to graduate, and work is even worse than studying, so yeah :(

File: 921200af516698581fac68927(...).jpg (80 KB, 1200x675)
80 KB
>>1229 (OP)
No, im a neet intentionally. I had a gf and an appartment and a full time job and i hated it so i asked family if i could move in and they said yes. I pay rent with foodstamps. Going on 10 years.
>>1270 (OP)
Glad you successfully made it as a NEET
You fucking faggot you can't choose to be a NEET
coose to be a neet?


File: yeahboi.png (11 KB, 696x492)
11 KB
Would it be wrong to say that all neets are neets involuntarily, much like incels and robots?
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*even if the term was, as far as I remember, coined by reddit betas/MGTOW-types?
Because incel is broader than alphas and betas. Alpha and beta would make sense as terms if freely competing against each other with only the better man winning defined who got laid and who didn't. But the sudden rise of incels proves thats not the case. The term incel isn't new speak but a new problem, men who can't get laid despite being successful in everything that would traditionally get them laid.

You could have a young handsome wealthy educated man be an incel because hes a stranger alone. None of his desirable traits matter anymore and he can't buy or work his way out of being a stranger or ever expect the good fortune of someone noticing him. This is an entirely new problem that didn't happen in the past. The mentality that new words can't new ideas because their similar to old ones, makes the incel problem even more difficult to address.

Do you think meme is just a word for internet funny because thats how its commonly used?
you're confusing neet with hikki. bydlos and negers are neets too.
NO, Id like to be neet, FUCK the wagie life
What do you mean by "stranger alone"?

File: tsutomumiyazakiroom.png (265 KB, 306x450)
265 KB
even though I can just look at my own room to see something like it, for some reason I love collecting images of NEET rooms - such as Miyazaki's here, a particularly famous one.
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Nice daki
thank you - sadly I still live with my parents so I need to keep her covered up during the day, and they won't let me bake her a cake for her birthday. Maybe this year I can give her my birthday, since they will let me have a cake then.
jap neets always seem well off. look at all those mangas.
>>1202 (OP)
Coronavirus is fake.
The holocaust was a lie.
9/11 was a Mossad false flag.
Donald Trump is a jewish puppet.

Jesus Christ is coming back.


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