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Janitor Application

Thank you for showing interest in becoming part of the 3chan team.

By applying to be a janitor or moderator you agree that you have read and understand the rules and also know how an imageboard and it's community works.

You also agree that you will actively check the board(s) for rule breaking posts, inactive janitors and team members will be removed and replaced.

All janitors and team members must not share any information related to their role and the moderation of 3chan without permission, doing so will end in immediate termination.

If you do not recieve contact about your application then you have not been selected. We will contact you either by e-mail or on discord.

All janitors and team members are required to maintain contact on /j/, email or discord.

What are janitors?

Janitors are volunteers who are tasked with helping the moderation team keep the boards clean of rule breakers.

Janitors Can:
  • Delete threads, replies and images from their assigned board(s).
  • Submit ban and warn requests. Coming soon...
  • Access the reports queue.

Janitors Cannot:
  • Make posts on behalf of the team.
  • Access any administrative functions.
  • See user's IP addresses.
  • Access any of the logs.

Application Form



Time zone:

What board(s) are you applying for?:

How often do you use 3chan?:

Why do you want to be a 3chan janitor?:

What are the biggest problems facing the board(s)
you are applying for, and how would you fix them?

Copy this form, fill it out and send it to [email protected] with the subject "Janitor Application" without the quotation marks!