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Don't forget that we have a Rule 34 board, If it exists there is porn of it. No exceptions!
/vd/ has been renamed to /0/.

Join our discord server, or not its up to you.

Don't forget that we have a Rule 34 board, If it exists there is porn of it. No exceptions!
/vd/ has been renamed to /0/.

Join our discord server, or not its up to you.

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File: 1564520631822.jpg (39 KB, 500x492)
39 KB
Share peculiar, weird and/or interesting little websites that others might not know about

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>you are banned due to tor abuse ;_;
probably the best cloud storage
weird site I could never figure out. might be ARG larp but never got far enough to learn the truth
the "images" board never came back.

File: padrick.gif (1.97 MB, 950x720)
1.97 MB
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File: 1433508003380.png (366 KB, 640x360)
366 KB
>>1148 (OP)
>>10 (OP)/16/19
<5 months later, there's no TP
File: 1585261216613.gif (120 KB, 500x506)
120 KB
who /bunker/ here?
do people really shit that much to use that amount of toilet paper, i only shit once a day and my ass is mostly clean so i barely use it
also you always use a wet towel either way
also you can always use a wet towel either way*

File: depositphotos_192924452-s(...).jpg (370 KB, 1600x1167)
370 KB
¿Toman mate? ¿les gusta de alguna forma en particular?
Tengamos un hilo al respecto.
>>1186 (OP)
Si el mate es dulce, que tenga algún gusto.
Si el mate es normal, que el agua esté bien caliente y que tenga gusto normal, no yerbas de gustos.
Si el mate tiene yuyos, que el agua queme la garganta.
Si el mate va a ser tere, que esté bien hecho el jugo.
Si el mate va lento, que tenga agua.
Si el mate va rápido, que la bombilla no esté tapada.
Si tomo mate con alguien que me agrada, que sea normal.
Si tomo mate con desconocidos, prefiero cebar yo.
>¿Toman mate?
Todos los dias
>¿les gusta de alguna forma en particular?
Siempre amargo y es tanto el vicio que no importa que tanto calor haya o que tan tarde sea, aunque sea los tomo lavados.

La costumbre me la pegó mi finado viejo y ando con el mate para todos lados.
he de ser el unico rioplatense que no toma mate kjjjjj
(perdon por la risa voxera, se me pego de entrar mucho ahi ultimamente)

Don't ask me about the holocaust, gotten it a million times. There's a large amount of questions you could ask me. Fire away.
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File: bert.jpg (10 KB, 220x254)
10 KB
>>1561 (OP)
>don't ask me about the holocoast
>fire away

What kind of oven do you use?
What's the main difference you experienced growing up jewish vs your goyim friends?
Are you from Israel?

File: incel 6.png (148 KB, 920x988)
148 KB
the government has literally abandoned us. They shut down the economy, and gave zero help. They destroyed our jobs but expect us to keep paying taxes, rents, mortgages, utility bills, and food. The government literally wants to kill us all. Otherwise they would fucking HELP us. It's THEIR responsibility since they are the ones who shut down the economy.

The government is the enemy. It doesn't matter which party or politician is president, the government itself is a genocidal organization that wants to murder us all.
>>1725 (OP)
so, you have an india flag, and your pic is from USA... where tf are you from then?
>>1725 (OP)
Nice copypasta faggit
I'm from North Sentinel Island.

File: thump_6143746gato-bros1.j(...).jpg (20 KB, 600x686)
20 KB
¿Alguien recuerda el bar de gatos?
Good times.
kek. No los recuerdo para nada, todavía estaban los tablones buenos y entonces no tocaba ahi...
File: gikopoi.jpg (127 KB, 1280x720)
127 KB
Era esto.
No se si siga existiendo.
Zeta los prohibió, ni puta idea porque. Ahora están prohibidos casi todos los Hispajuega, pero Zeta prohibió el Giko Poi mucho antes de prohibir los Hispajuega en general.
Supuestamente por que eran "spam".
Yo creo que Zeta o algún mod chismoso entraba a ese juego y vio algún avatarfag o dijeron algo que no le gustaba y se ardió, no se.
Era divertido.
Había una función de radio que estaba muy buena.

the trad asian wife is a meme to convince white males of doing race mixing
there's literally no difference between a white woman with a black man and a white man with a asian woman
gooks aren't any more trad than your average white girl and they're ugly plastic bags
your childen will look ugly as fuck and you will permanently ruin your white genes with chink/gook genes
it's all part of the (((plan))) to destroy the white race, (((they))) know that convincing white males of fucking black women is hard so they did it with gook women instead and it worked
prove me wrong
>protip: you can't
if you want trad women simply go to a comfy town in europe and get some pretty eurogirl
don't fuck gooks, anon

File: reptilian1.png (121 KB, 300x300)
121 KB
Y al final esto termino como oro chan muerto mas que se intento separar de Hispachan.
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do aliens exist?
>>400 (OP)
ayy lmao
File: venus.jpg (44 KB, 640x381)
44 KB
Yes on pic rel
>>400 (OP)
>Y al final esto termino como oro

File: gabeupdated.webm (1.58 MB)
1.58 MB
you dont

File: 1581248172940.jpg (22 KB, 420x418)
22 KB
Greetings from nordchan!
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This was only meant to be a temporary bunker.
If you want to move back to nordchan feel free to since its back up now.
Americans scream the free market doesn't work because the stores are empty, but businesses aren't the ones who placed Americans under house arrest.
File: logo.png (15 KB, 500x323)
15 KB
Nord chan wasn't fully reccomended
>>9 (OP)gag
good one

File: Screenshot_470.png (192 KB, 296x507)
192 KB
DOnt say anything about my cunt-ru יא בני זונות

File: 90113F4F-579D-4C5D-A38E-3(...).jpg (22 KB, 700x522)
22 KB
Anybody who has green in his flag is a nigger
File: Capture.PNG (1 KB, 147x63)
1 KB

File: 400k.png (800 KB, 797x1024)
800 KB
Good luck Corona-chan!
Can't wait for her boobs to get even bigger!
I need it!
File: Hentai_CoronaChanXEconmon(...).png (569 KB, 827x630)
569 KB
Here's more of corona-chan but this time she's giving it to economy-chan nonetheless great image
>>1501 (OP)
I want to suck her big big tities filled with holly virused milk. KNOW!

File: 49406811_343691983136264_(...).jpg (48 KB, 480x742)
48 KB
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>>1557 (OP)
i hate vietnam
>>297 (OP)
Ye, Catholic priests are infamous for this.

File: 158995311814.png (1.47 MB, 1125x903)
1.47 MB
Saludos a todas las criaturas indígenas de este foro.

Soy un viajero antiguo en esta tierra abandonada. He estado en innumerables tableros y numerosos hilos, he visto seres tan terribles que sus mentes ni siquiera podían comenzar a procesar. El propósito del alma de mi viaje es estudiar estas tierras distantes y los habitantes nativos de esta tierra.

Por lo tanto, humildemente les pido amables extraños que revelen su historia secreta y sus tesoros escondidos a este pacífico historiador.

"Una generación que ignora su propia historia no tiene pasado ni futuro". Robert Heinlein
>>1590 (OP)
Muestrame cuales chanes has visitado (principalmente que tenga el tablon /x/) y te doy material muy interesante
Este infeliz hizo este mismo hilo en al menos otros 3 ibs mas y en ninguno respondio lo que le pregunte
Entrega la lista de bardos o te cuetiamos aquí mismo.

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