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Features of Our Mitsuba Software

This page details the on-going development and features for the software used and developed on 3chan.

Board Modes

  • NSFW or SFW Board: Changes the default theme to Yotsuba or Yotsuba B and indicates if the board is for NSFW content or not.
  • Text Board: Disables file uploading essentially turning the board into a text board.
  • /GIF/ Only: GIF/WebM files are the only files that can be uploaded.
  • Upload Board: Changes the default imageboard format into a file board where files other than images can be posted. Click here to try out the board!
  • Janitor Board: Only staff can post and must use capcodes, the board forces the user to post with there staff account name. A few minor changes are active as well.

Posting Features

  • Display ID: Shows IDs so posters can easily tell who made which post.
  • Heaven ID: Replaces the users ID with Heaven if sage is used.
  • Force ID: Forces the users ID to be displayed on boards where ids are disabled if showid is entered into the options field.
  • Country Flags: Shows which country the user is posting from.
  • Disable Flag: If noflag is entered into the options field it will make the users flag not appear.
  • BBcode/Markdown: Allows the posting of BBcode and Markdown text which is converted into html by the software.
  • Emotes: Allows the posting on emotes in posts.
  • Fortunes: Allows users to check there fortune by entering fortune in the options field.
  • Dice Rolling: Allows users to roll the dice using the options field, dice+numberdfaces e.g. dice+XdX or dice+XdXX+XX.

Posting Management

  • Forced Anonymous: Available in three styles; Remove Name & Subject field, keep subject field and futaba style forced anonymous.
  • Public Sage: Shows SAGE! on posts that have used sage.
  • Sage Filter: Removes sage effects from posts that brag about sageing.
  • Non-Image Sage: Replies to threads that don't have images attached won't bump the thread.
  • Reply Limit: Threads can't be replied to after reaching the bump limit, similar to the image limit.
  • No File: Allows threads to be created without a file if the [No file?] button is ticked.
  • Spoilers: Allows the uploaded image to be spoilered if the [Spoiler?] button is ticked.
  • Allow WebMs: Allows WebMs to be posted.
  • Extra post form info: Option to add extra info below the post form.

Anti-spam/Bad actor preventions

  • Captcha: Both a simple text one and ReCAPTCHA support.
  • Duplicate image detection: Checks if a duplicate MD5 hash exists on the board already, Enabled on boards like /lewd/ and /cuteboys/
  • ROBOT9000: An original content algorithm that will mute you each time for 2^n in seconds for making an unoriginal post, Click here for more info.
  • Post cooldowns: A set bunch of cooldown seconds for replies, image replies, new threads and duplicate comments.
  • Basic proxy check: Cross checks typical proxy methods with the host IP and typical proxy ports, usually left disabled on 3chan.
  • Range bans: Normal range ban, Image only range ban and link only range ban.
  • Post filters: A list of banned URLs, keywords and images.
  • Referer check: Optional detection of if the user is blocking HTTP referers.