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Don't forget that we have a Rule 34 board, If it exists there is porn of it. No exceptions!
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Join our discord server, or not its up to you.

Don't forget that we have a Rule 34 board, If it exists there is porn of it. No exceptions!
/vd/ has been renamed to /0/.

Join our discord server, or not its up to you.

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The Free Speech Coalition is A Bunch of Pedos

Its a California Lobbying group known for its work with the porn industry. Its publicly listed stances are being anti-condom, anti-STD testing, and anti-records keeping. This ties into their legal battles such as with Statute 2257 of the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act. #FSC

Did you notice that they do not name Ashcroft vs The FSC on their website? They'll talk of two onerous provisions, but they won't name the case. Because if they did, you'd read the law yourself and realize the FSC is aiding child pornographers.

Naturally the group is far left, to the point of attacking Christianity and religion in general. They fund studies which deny porn addiction and regularly promote the legalization of prostitution. I highly recommend suspicion when faced with any of their proposals.

WarmPotato's video raises some good points, but the conclusion goes too far in my view: "Fighting pornography and fighting pedophilia go hand in hand." I very strongly disagree with that. Plenty of pornographic material out there has no relation whatsoever to pedophilia.

Free speech can be a very thorny issue especially where pornography featuring one or more child-like persons (real or otherwise) is concerned. I prefer to stay out of that particular quagmire myself. I think there are valid points on, and criticisms of, both sides. So, call me a centrist if you wish; I shall happily remain on the fence.
Hope you understand that just because a person is conservative does not make him being against porn? There are actually religions/philosophies advocating porn and sexuality in general.

You do understand that it is because of free speech that we can post here?

Anti-condom and anti-STD testing sounds very christian-ortodoxy. Christians in general are anti-sexuals to the point being anti-abortion (there are always exceptions)! While anti-records keeping actually sound leftist.

I do not belive that the whole organisation is made of pedos, in any case no more than any other organisation. If that would be the case, if this particular organisation (free speech coalition) would be pedos advocating their ways then the feds would have bringed it down already. Don't you think?

If you do not think so, then please try to understand what kind of nightmare it must be to actually work as a cop and go trough the material that pedos in general have laid their hands on.

I know that I prefer seeing the cops fighting to solve the cases that actually pay off, where they know that they can get someone, even if it only is as little as one pedo, arrested then I am happy.

I do not want the cops to waste resources on trying to find arbitary shit on some organisation that they have absolutely nothing on. Especialy not an organisation that advocate human rights, if we should start to hunt those down, then we should split with the UN first, that's what I think anyway.

Personaly I am all for UN so do not count on me there.

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