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    The poll has ended with /pol/ - Politically Incorrect being deleted.

    We are now looking for a moderator for /z/, Whoever is chosen will get to decide the topic and how the board is run.

    If you are interested in applying you can either e-mail [email protected] or post a thread on /3/ describing what topic you would set and why you want to run /z/, ect.

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    File: image.jpg (18 KB, 300x234)
    18 KB
    how do i kill my family bros?

    File: image.png (89 KB, 553x506)
    89 KB
    Fuck you crakkas
    fuck you nigger
    >>7669 (OP)
    You two should just fuck already.
    that would be gay

    File: 1566536911063.png (427 KB, 889x492)
    427 KB
    why are swedish people like this?
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    >>7690 (OP)
    learn your flags
    im Swedish and bi, ive also sucked dick before. no homo tho.
    i think as long as you don't swallow all of it, it doesn't count as gay
    next time I try getting oiled up, my penis fetish is just a fetish
    yall gay

    File: sample_d132a833fb48a4ce67(...).jpg (257 KB, 850x1081)
    257 KB
    growing up i never had friends. there was like two neighbors my parents forced me to hang out with but i never really cared about them, i felt better being alone. i was always alone as a kid. good thing i had stray animals accompany me. i remember i used to play with stray animals as a kid. one of them was a cat i would regularly feed lasagna because i thought all cats were like garfield, unironically i gave it the name of tom the cat not garfield, i'm a huge tom and jerry fan which explained my autism. anyways my relationship with tom never lasted that long, months later tom would disappear into the wild and i never saw it again. there was another animal,this time a stray dog that i used to bring food and play around all the time. i don't exactly remember the name i gave to that dog but i remember playing with that dog for acouple of years, i actually contracted some form of head fungus because the dog was dirty but as a kid i never minded. it was a good time, fast forward to my teenage years and i couldn't get the dog and tom out my head. i would have daydreams of hanging around tom and the dog playing gba and watching spongebob together. it was all fun until i started to actually develop sexual feelings. now i would never fuck an animal, not really into bestiality so when i did have sexual dreams about the dog i would think of it as an anthropomorphic cartoon character with human like limbs, actual animal sexual organs make me sick.i got curious as a kid and decided to google cartoon dog porn. upon doing research i discovered the wonderful world of rule34. i instantly got hooked on furry porn, especially the ones that looked somewhat closed to my dog friend. i don't remember exactly the gender of the dog but i like straight porn and i like to think it was a she, it would make my masturbation sessions less weird, i'm not gay so i never search up cat porn that looked like tom, tom was like a brother to me. anyways i recently found a pic of an anthro canine that sort of resembles what my childhood buddy used to look like. anyone else here like this or am i the only one? please tell me i'm not the only one. recently i've been getting more and more into human porn like mario/zelda rule34 . anyways what do you guys call this fur type and colour? it would be nice if you posted more canine women that look like this pls i really miss my doggy and this is the only way i can cope with the withdrawal
    >Op fucks dog
    >develops addiction
    >is now serial dog rapist
    The perfect crime considering dogs can't go to the cops.
    File: garftpose.png (147 KB, 750x650)
    147 KB
    >i would regularly feed lasagna because i thought all cats were like garfield
    i dont believe you

    File: 5U74Tom.jpg (114 KB, 624x1232)
    114 KB
    ass>tits thread 2
    last one hit the image limit
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    File: d1d552cfd63fa9a3f0b5cb68a(...).jpg (133 KB, 788x1920)
    133 KB
    File: D6E14E25-099D-45C1-9594-E(...).jpg (856 KB, 724x1194)
    856 KB
    File: 2cfb66a06fc1f4c61d13e518c(...).jpg (371 KB, 1080x1350)
    371 KB
    based brapfag
    File: 1581664079674.jpg (103 KB, 640x853)
    103 KB
    seems like the image limit was reached

    File: 3312273 - Copy_Roll FuPoo(...).png (286 KB, 800x800)
    286 KB
    who was your childhood robo waifu? mine was and still is roll
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    i'm more of a flesh lover kinda guy
    >flesh lover kinda guy
    File: 831.jpg (691 KB, 1280x1045)
    691 KB
    i wish i had a fleshlight
    Your fortune: Excellent Luck

    And rekt by hand.

    File: 17d08938-9b8e-4407-8a9b-2(...).gif (597 KB, 540x293)
    597 KB
    how can other races compete?
    There is no competition, dick size doesn't matter as long as you aren't fucking sluts who only care about that, but why would you do that anyway?
    With motor engines and cheat codes wins the rabbit. Duh.

    File: demae.jpg (249 KB, 1500x1164)
    249 KB
    what is the best ramen /b/?
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    plastic flavor
    >not just eating the wrapper and throwing away the ramen
    Sapporo Ichiban
    Stop making up words you mong.
    I gotchu. Step by step.
    >obtain bottle of lotion
    >find plastic bag
    >empty lotion into bag.
    >the absolute state of regret

    File: NINTCHDBPICT000400591286.(...).jpg (57 KB, 579x806)
    57 KB
    Is this the ideal female body?
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    File: 09029f5def80fd5821784449c(...).jpg (773 KB, 1200x1638)
    773 KB
    Alexis is hot but the fakies do her no favors. With an ass and thighs like hers I don't even know why she thought she needed them.
    nice and perky
    File: jiggle.webm (692 KB)
    692 KB
    Yeah, it's pretty round for such a little lady.
    File: ea3bbfb278a80bd09358c6f4d(...).jpg (123 KB, 371x635)
    123 KB
    File: 94f5a217dfd8b76565080a873(...).jpg (75 KB, 789x1114)
    75 KB

    File: 16184715.jpg (30 KB, 300x356)
    30 KB
    >Young Sluts
    File: cDIvniWDPbw.jpg (137 KB, 807x1080)
    137 KB
    File: JX6-nOB_EZw.jpg (198 KB, 701x1024)
    198 KB
    File: EjpJUjtjX3c.jpg (205 KB, 720x1080)
    205 KB
    File: 13PSh8-5IxU.jpg (87 KB, 1000x664)
    87 KB

    File: sinner_bunny.jpg (381 KB, 869x1272)
    381 KB
    i found a newborn baby in a dumpster AMA https://youtu.be/7QJo5qVHT_M
    what did it look like?
    prove it was you fagget
    Did you eat it?

    File: Vincenzo.png (140 KB, 360x450)
    140 KB

    Well maybe if you didn't listen to wop music. I wouldn't be drivin' like this Vinny.

    File: 1569244802624.jpg (180 KB, 600x800)
    180 KB
    loli/shota thread?
    File: 1569448987103.jpg (30 KB, 500x600)
    30 KB
    File: 74707046_p0.jpg (2.82 MB, 1246x2008)
    2.82 MB
    lets get this thread going
    File: 1510767879228.jpg (244 KB, 816x979)
    244 KB
    File: 1568471184481.png (849 KB, 808x948)
    849 KB
    File: b7031894b345c702bd30fcbcb(...).png (1.65 MB, 1600x1200)
    1.65 MB

    File: FUCK.jpg (315 KB, 2000x1000)
    315 KB
    this board is dead AS FUCK. Get rid of the cum butt ads and maybe people will stick around
    >>7208 (OP)
    Hi board, have you meet fuck? how is fuck health? does fuck feel good?
    fuck feels like boner
    >>7208 (OP)
    fuck off
    What are you a faggot or something?

    Why do you hate niggers?
    State the reason in this thread.
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    niggers have a high propensity for violence with mental faculties equivalent to an eight year old human. they are an evolutionary dead end like the panda.
    what's a nigger?
    File: 1496143500914.jpg (160 KB, 1000x893)
    160 KB
    >I don't know why I hate blacks
    >Oh right, it's because they look and smell like ass
    Because they stole my bike.

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