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    Welcome to /3/ - Site Discussion.

    This board is for meta topics only. If you want to discuss other things or shitpost take it to /b/ or /i/.

    NSFW posts are allowed only if its related to the site; i.e. if you post an image of posts with nsfw content.

    File: 3chandotco.png (4 KB, 300x100)
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    We're accepting banners and images for pages like the 404, 403 and ban page. Post what you've made here.

    And a reminder that not everything that is posted will be accepted.

    The image must include text saying 3chan.
    Don't make images for the 404, 403 and ban page too big.
    Banners must be 300x100. No exceptions!
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    Don't go over 500x500, other than that have fun.

    File: 1566430933805.jpg (44 KB, 541x540)
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    Please add pdf to supported files
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    File: joe.jpg (132 KB, 1400x932)
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    THIS, I want to bump some pdfs and the boards would be more interesting.

    You should make a poll to discuss if /sb/ should be deleted.
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    File: eufcnewmiofcoqd.jpg (6 KB, 246x205)
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    So i was wondering, is there supposed to be an age restriction on here?
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    all good

    File: 1568622634125s.jpg (4 KB, 250x141)
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    Why the fuck did you change /a/ into fucking a q&a board you faggot, isn't that just this board nigger.
    but it is now a place for me and my /qa/ frens

    File: 90ef675d505dd88fe81a0278c(...).png (258 KB, 693x760)
    258 KB
    how did you got access to yotsuba code??? did the admin worked as developer for 4chan? (afaik in every chan board admins are forced to give the code to the devs)
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    no, but i'm autistic

    3 KB
    I was just testing stuff with the page navigator.
    I usually test stuff on /b/ quickly.

    4 KB
    i want hide button
    It is coming but I can only work on adding it when I have enough free time.

    File: iiam.gif (4 KB, 650x220)
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    Click here to go to the poll!

    You can also add your own board suggestions.

    Old polls:
    http://poal.me/1pdknb http://poal.me/v35zo2
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    nah its ok to delete boards just make sure they are archived off-site
    also the whole /fun/ just takes up 20 MB pretty small hehe

    File: madoka.png (1.57 MB, 1920x1080)
    1.57 MB
    A lot of smaller chans have some kind of Aggregate Board that shows all of the posts from all of the boards, is it possible to implement this feature on here? Will you?
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    I did try to implement this before making 3chan public again but the only method I could think of was too likely to create security issues.
    I have recently thought of another way but I don't even know if it would work.

    File: bazinga.jpg (106 KB, 709x960)
    106 KB
    Dude. I can't post for some reason.
    I'm guessing this may be the case for others.
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    >>318 (OP)
    speaking of /B/ why not extend it to /20/
    /b/ only has /11/ please extend archive.fo isnt gonna fix itself

    File: Screenshot_20190731-13181(...).png (179 KB, 375x478)
    179 KB
    Where is the mp4 file support?
    never coming

    File: bhl.png (424 KB, 741x762)
    424 KB
    Site doesn't even support mp4...lmao

    File: MAGA_1.jpg (18 KB, 350x389)
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    Mp4 monkeys.

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