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/l/ has been changed to /r34/, and yes lolicon is still allowed on there.

It's Rule 34 so go nuts!

/l/ has been changed to /r34/, and yes lolicon is still allowed on there.

It's Rule 34 so go nuts!

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File: arg.PNG (27 KB, 994x711)
27 KB
Well, I guess I'll kick things off here with this unsolved Tor ARG. I found it a couple weeks ago and found very little about it. So far at least, it consists of two pages, and it seems to be focused on someone called Alice.

For the second page, the hex code at the start says:

Sophie welcomes you.

Patience is a virtue, especially in the Tor network.

So is Perseverance as there are decoys. Sophie loves making things difficult for others '>

Let's begin.

Good luck.

As for the binary, it's mostly unreadable.
It says Ÿ§¾½ßýßÚÿ”ÎÞÿþì¼
41;œÏþþ which is the same as Ÿ§¾½ßýßÚÿ”ÎÞÿþì¼ñœÏþ þ
Another thing to note is at the bottom of the html of the page is this link:

As for the first website I have no clue, although it seems unrelated.
File: hex.png (2 KB, 319x64)
2 KB
The original binary corrected itself, here's a picture.
the picture in the first website is related. If you put it into a hex editor and go to the end you get this

Sophie is impressed.

The key is: recital

"Everything's static, nothing's dynamic here."
Here's the metadata from the Yin-Yang symbol.

Zorki Zorki 4K
GPS Position
52.287000 degrees N, 104.305000 degrees E
Date of Creation
2018:01:01 00:00:00
Комите́т госуда́рственной безопа́сности (КГБ)
Those coordinates point to the Russian city Irkutsk.
At this point I would consider this ARG closed because it doesn't seem like it's solvable just through the internet. I have a feeling there is something your supposed to see at those coordinates, but obviously nobody here would go there or be anywhere near there.

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