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    Remember /pol/ will fully return if it can maintain a good traffic flow.
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    Janitor applications are now open for the first time. Click here to apply.

    Remember /pol/ will fully return if it can maintain a good traffic flow.
    Go post on it today!

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    File: hitler.jpg (79 KB, 590x764)
    79 KB
    Daily reminder that Hitler did nothing wrong.
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    File: handlebar hitler.JPG (99 KB, 634x882)
    99 KB
    like this?
    if he did nothing wrong, why do jews own 4-chan?
    4chan was started by a jew.
    4chan is code for jew
    >>282 (OP)

    File: 37af0bfca9d7e92ffd087e6ad(...).jpg (77 KB, 862x575)
    77 KB
    Rare flag
    File: big kill.jpg (76 KB, 795x770)
    76 KB
    Your fortune: Good Luck

    >tfw no rare flag

    File: 400px-Ronald_Reagan_weari(...).jpg (23 KB, 400x479)
    23 KB
    This site is redpilled tho
    I am from Israel tho
    The site think's that I am a kike, so sad
    Prove you're not a kike.

    File: a7b642856dd3c4e19f4785ee1(...).jpg (13 KB, 148x255)
    13 KB
    brenton meme thread
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    File: accelerated.png (126 KB, 498x639)
    126 KB
    Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger

    >>274 (OP)
    >new zealander posting tarrent memes
    File: ebafb7b1598.jpg (128 KB, 1151x768)
    128 KB
    File: crikey.png (396 KB, 825x750)
    396 KB
    File: Thailand-Lang-Pa-Cha-16.j(...).jpg (58 KB, 600x450)
    58 KB

    File: 190918-jordan-bomb-dogs.j(...).jpg (147 KB, 1236x820)
    147 KB

    >Once again, the United States government has deplorably neglected vulnerable servicemembers: our military working dogs.
    >at least 100 American bomb-sniffing dogs have been starved and abused, and at least 10 — possibly more — neglected to death by our ally Jordan.
    >Despite no improvement, no safety or protective protocols in place, we will not stop sending dogs to Jordan.
    Sup with your flag buddy

    File: FB_IMG_1565743701788.jpg (76 KB, 960x760)
    76 KB
    What does /pol/ think of hong kong and there fight for democracy?
    wish i could loan them my second amendment rights
    If they knew what (((democracy))) really entailed they'd be fighting against it.
    after (((democracy))) comes (((liberalism))) and (((social justice))) closely followed by (((diversity)))
    >(((social justice)))
    File: 1570820073460.jpg (73 KB, 811x660)
    73 KB

    File: 680ccf809ed236c3a6e8fdab6(...).jpg (44 KB, 477x471)
    44 KB
    Brenton Tarrant meme thread
    File: dab31aa36fb92c6c0158d326b(...).png (914 KB, 904x882)
    914 KB
    >nz op

    File: 2019-10-11 07_43_32-Green(...).png (1.17 MB, 1920x1080)
    1.17 MB

    >>345 (OP)
    no we don't stop spamming this on literally every board. fkin feds istg

    File: Iw8V9jhsbEc.jpg (149 KB, 1083x674)
    149 KB

    File: Shana.webp (75 KB, 1280x720)
    75 KB
    what happened to the void you goddamn degenerates
    It's now /pol/.
    Not too hard to understand is it.
    its now /fkcad/

    File: kawaikampf.jpg (35 KB, 633x699)
    35 KB
    >mfw new clearnet /pol/
    (((they))) can't shut down ideas
    admin please add (((blue text)))
    You are the faggot nigger.

    File: 1555285265031.gif (11 KB, 350x437)
    11 KB
    this was on /b/
    I've been waiting for this thread.
    Now we can see who the true /pol/acks are.
    well what's your results?

    File: 1569984535167.jpg (232 KB, 1024x683)
    232 KB
    oy vey
    File: echowhite.JPG (66 KB, 941x603)
    66 KB
    the jew plays both sides

    File: _79245004_024867989-1.jpg (25 KB, 624x411)
    25 KB
    Will there be anymore good chimpouts?
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    especially if another shooting happens soon after it comes back
    >implying 8chan ever comes back
    File: 1569042891723.jpg (68 KB, 838x720)
    68 KB
    copied from 4 clams

    Long story short, this black grandma is up in arms at the Tatum school district because the principal told her that her son Tink has to cut his long hair to conform to the dress code. Supposedly the principal said he can either cut his hair or come to school in a dress and identify as female (kek). The grandma, Randi (real name Edwina), has been protesting the school for about a week and a half now, causing trouble, marching on school grounds, making threats, etc. She said Tink is a gud boi who dindu nothin, just tryna learn n' sheeit.

    She has the whole "Africans wuz Kangz" movement riled up online, and the NAACP is planning a protest in front of the school tomorrow. They were denied a permit but they're marching anyway. The white folks in this East Texas town are gearing up to confront them.

    Her son who goes by "Iced NewFreezer Jeanmard" was posting videos on facebook of him "practicing" for a race war with a shotgun and an AR-15 with a bump stock.






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    File: 1569556770988.png (658 KB, 873x917)
    658 KB
    wrong pic
    >Will there be anymore good chimpouts?
    the demographics guarantee it

    File: 1499363105107.jpg (34 KB, 550x512)
    34 KB
    got friends?

    just two

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