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    Janitor applications are now open for the first time. Click here to apply.

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    File: RRVID.jpg (109 KB, 623x400)
    109 KB
    Real rape of European women 16 - 45 years.

    Files taken from a sealed source.


    File: 2019-10-11 07_43_32-Green(...).png (1.17 MB, 1920x1080)
    1.17 MB

    >>345 (OP)
    no we don't stop spamming this on literally every board. fkin feds istg

    File: 37af0bfca9d7e92ffd087e6ad(...).jpg (77 KB, 862x575)
    77 KB
    Rare flag
    File: big kill.jpg (76 KB, 795x770)
    76 KB
    Your fortune: Good Luck

    >tfw no rare flag
    >>352 (OP)
    We must rape this slut!
    Why the FUCK is the Australian flag not here?

    File: FB_IMG_1565743701788.jpg (76 KB, 960x760)
    76 KB
    What does /pol/ think of hong kong and there fight for democracy?
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    after (((democracy))) comes (((liberalism))) and (((social justice))) closely followed by (((diversity)))
    >(((social justice)))
    File: 1570820073460.jpg (73 KB, 811x660)
    73 KB
    >>321 (OP)
    >>321 (OP)
    they have co-opted pepe and support democracy, fuck those slant eyed anglo cucks.
    >>321 (OP)
    Fuck all chinks

    File: 400px-Ronald_Reagan_weari(...).jpg (23 KB, 400x479)
    23 KB
    This site is redpilled tho
    I am from Israel tho
    The site think's that I am a kike, so sad
    Prove you're not a kike.
    i have a german surname and blue eyes
    as does half of israel.

    File: HDNW.jpg (36 KB, 1080x1920)
    36 KB
    The time has come for the second phase of "The Poster Tales".

    >Print copies of attached pic
    >Tape it on a bunch of visible things in public, e.g streetlights, signs, benches, traffic lights, parks etc.
    >Bonus for taping the posters in jewish neighbourhoods and extra bonus for Synagogues.
    >Wait until local schlomo erupts in autism and calls jew media.
    >>372 (OP)
    I'm not getting arrested for stupid /pol/ shit lmao.

    File: Shana.webp (75 KB, 1280x720)
    75 KB
    what happened to the void you goddamn degenerates
    It's now /pol/.
    Not too hard to understand is it.
    its now /fkcad/
    fuck /pol/ bring back based /void/
    >>339 (OP)
    Once /z/ returns you can apply to run this board however you like.
    You couuld basically have full control over this board.

    Next time post threads like this on /3/.

    File: 1569984535167.jpg (232 KB, 1024x683)
    232 KB
    oy vey
    File: echowhite.JPG (66 KB, 941x603)
    66 KB
    the jew plays both sides
    who the fuck takes a picture of three niggas taking selfies

    File: hitler.jpg (79 KB, 590x764)
    79 KB
    Daily reminder that Hitler did nothing wrong.
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    File: handlebar hitler.JPG (99 KB, 634x882)
    99 KB
    like this?
    if he did nothing wrong, why do jews own 4-chan?
    4chan was started by a jew.
    4chan is code for jew
    >>282 (OP)

    File: a7b642856dd3c4e19f4785ee1(...).jpg (13 KB, 148x255)
    13 KB
    brenton meme thread
    2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
    File: accelerated.png (126 KB, 498x639)
    126 KB
    Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger

    >>274 (OP)
    >new zealander posting tarrent memes
    File: ebafb7b1598.jpg (128 KB, 1151x768)
    128 KB
    File: crikey.png (396 KB, 825x750)
    396 KB
    File: Thailand-Lang-Pa-Cha-16.j(...).jpg (58 KB, 600x450)
    58 KB

    File: 190918-jordan-bomb-dogs.j(...).jpg (147 KB, 1236x820)
    147 KB

    >Once again, the United States government has deplorably neglected vulnerable servicemembers: our military working dogs.
    >at least 100 American bomb-sniffing dogs have been starved and abused, and at least 10 — possibly more — neglected to death by our ally Jordan.
    >Despite no improvement, no safety or protective protocols in place, we will not stop sending dogs to Jordan.
    Sup with your flag buddy

    File: 680ccf809ed236c3a6e8fdab6(...).jpg (44 KB, 477x471)
    44 KB
    Brenton Tarrant meme thread
    File: dab31aa36fb92c6c0158d326b(...).png (914 KB, 904x882)
    914 KB
    >nz op

    File: Iw8V9jhsbEc.jpg (149 KB, 1083x674)
    149 KB

    File: kawaikampf.jpg (35 KB, 633x699)
    35 KB
    >mfw new clearnet /pol/
    (((they))) can't shut down ideas
    admin please add (((blue text)))
    You are the faggot nigger.

    File: 1555285265031.gif (11 KB, 350x437)
    11 KB
    this was on /b/
    I've been waiting for this thread.
    Now we can see who the true /pol/acks are.
    well what's your results?

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