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3chan - Rules

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A reminder

3chan takes no responsibility for what is posted; all posts are the responsibility of the poster. So try and use common sense when posting.

And remember to lurk more!

Global Rules

1. Do not post, request, or link to any illegal content; the staff make judgement accordingly.

2. We highly encourage you to make quality posts on 3chan even on /b/!

3. Images and discussion should pertain to the board and thread you are posting in.

4. No NSFW content in SFW boards (Blue Boards), NSFW content belongs in NSFW boards (Red Boards) like /b/.

5. No advertising/shilling with no relevance to discussion, no one wants to see it.

6. No intentional flooding or emote spam on non random boards.

/3/ - Site Discussion

1. All discussion should pertain to 3chan and it's boards.

/b/ - Random

1. 404 Not Found.

/i/ - Interests

1. This board is for the posting of interests, which can be long-term, recurring or new threads about a specific topic.

2. Politics & news can be discussed in both a politically incorrect and correct manner, just don't go overboard.

3. Some of the topics discussed on this board might have spoilers,
if your post contains spoilers please spoiler your image and use the [spoiler]text[/spoiler] tags -> text. To learn more click here!

/z/ - Insert Board Name Here!

1. Global rules 1 and 5 apply. The rest of the global and board rules are up to the User ## Mod(s) Mod Icon to set and enforce.