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109/25/15(Fri)15:31Anonymous ## Admin Admin IconWelcome to /www/!

This is a board for internet culture as the board title says.

this board is also being used to test a new version of 3chans software so have fun. :^)
309/28/15(Mon)16:36Anonymousspoilers are broken ding dongQuestion_mark-pixels.jpg
409/29/15(Tue)05:54Anonymous ## Admin Admin Icon>>3
I will get to work on it.

This version is still in development so there are a few bugs, thanks for reporting this.
any news on this?
610/01/15(Thu)11:11Anonymous ## Admin Admin Icon>>4
More important things are being worked on like making the admin panel better.
What are your plans for it?
your loss.png
810/01/15(Thu)13:40Anonymous ## Admin Admin Icon>>7
Redesign and bug fixes.

Also I may aswell say this is a bug report thread.
1110/02/15(Fri)05:19Yushe ## Admin Admin IconI screwed up when updating the boards. >_<
1210/06/15(Tue)07:51Anonymouspost random images :DDDDDDDDDDDcola1.jpg
1310/06/15(Tue)08:05Anonymoushigh cat is high1437053226758.jpg
1410/06/15(Tue)16:30AnonymousPost your dankest pepe heretumblr_inline_ngr94r0miE1raarzu.png
1510/07/15(Wed)07:14Anonymouspixel pepe's are the dankestpixpepe.gif
1711/07/15(Sat)17:03Dixie KongIn my day, it took over a day to download 100MB files!

(could not resist posting this)
Cranky Kong.png

want more waaaaas?
1911/09/15(Mon)02:07Dixie Kongwhat

anyway, the picture I uploaded is all I want to put here currently.
OFAH Time on our Hands.jpg
2011/14/15(Sat)21:26Anonymousmysogeny is my fav internet culture1431876296454.png
2111/15/15(Sun)02:59Dixie Kongyou found anything yet?We Ain't Found Shit.png
2211/15/15(Sun)19:30AnonymousHey guys, just wanted to let you all know that there is archived WIN form of 4chan -
It contains about 3.7million images (decreasing due to DMCA requests send to me and also to imgur) and over 9 million posts.

>Q: why did you choose as TLD?
A: at first 'cus it was funny, now cus /b/ is a cuckold's kindergarten and sounds like cuck
>Q: when can we archive threads?
A: Soon(tm)
>Q: first and last archive dates?
First thread dates: 2014-01-17 04:19:07, Last thread dates: 2015-05-07 12:00:14
>Q: are you the admin?
A: yes, no connection with the prev. owner of 4Archive though, nor any other archivers.
>Q: How can I help improve the project?
A: share it with your friends or post archived threads on 4chan when appropriate
>Q: I have 156745111millions of dollars and I'd like to buy you pizza and some fries, do you accept donations?
A: yes, via paypal, payza, wire, contact me for more info (email on homepage and footer)
>Q: are there any adds I should be worried about?
A: yes, 3-5 popups, 1 sliding, 1 image at header and 2 image at bottom, the [More] and [hot stuff] is infiltration of ads and cancer.
>Q: can you share some/all of the pics you had to take down due to DMCA?
A: sure, soon.
This is pretty cool, shame we can't archive threads yet.
2411/24/15(Tue)16:49sjgfdhgfhgjthey're fungrospaté.png
2612/03/15(Thu)17:39wynautwhy not
2712/04/15(Fri)14:11Dixie KongMINECRAFTER4718 CONFIRMED
3212/11/15(Fri)11:55derpololTGAPPLESAUCE CONFIRMED
3312/11/15(Fri)14:19Dixie KonghereWindows 7 Upgrade Refusal Meme.jpg
3512/29/15(Tue)19:02AnonymousI do not believe in political correctness, does too much bad for me.
3601/05/16(Tue)06:59Football Hippyrhetorical question.png
3701/06/16(Wed)08:47Dixie KongAll your base is such an old meme and it's one of the best

3801/06/16(Wed)08:50Dixie KongWhat were the first memes that existed, back when they weren't called memes?
I know they used to be around newgrounds and sent through email chains in particular.
(I think first is Dancing Baby, second's All Your Base Are Belong To Us)
good doubles
4101/12/16(Tue)02:45Dixie Kongwe're getting spam on here
4201/13/16(Wed)13:42AnonymousWho this person 'Minecrafter4718'?
These people are unknown to me.
some retarded kid
4401/14/16(Thu)04:47Dixie Kong>>43
you know that twat? Look at his forum: it was hacked because he's on a shit host even though I told him to stop using it.
thats the point of this board
4601/15/16(Fri)18:14Anonymous>>45 I mean the 'Get this FREE with maleare
I mean all that BUY CHEAP SHIT stuff.
4801/20/16(Wed)15:00Anonymous>>43 It look to me epileptic occurring for some people. I would not advise.
He deserve it if such stupidity is there.
5001/25/16(Mon)19:14Anonymousserious business.png
5101/29/16(Fri)14:44Anonymouspost dem gondolas1454075538919.png
5402/07/16(Sun)14:29Anonymouskill yourself
5502/10/16(Wed)19:34Anonymousnew meme: the prankster face1287666826226.png
5702/17/16(Wed)05:39JamieDignam !bOUquBIbDQ

good call
5802/17/16(Wed)05:40JamieDignamappears that website is broken now
I don't know why because it worked a few days ago
6102/20/16(Sat)08:13JamieDignamyeah it's fuck old now
let's see if we can make new memes out of old ones, though
I have an idea!
6202/20/16(Sat)18:16AnonymousTinyLotusCult , checck it outandrew-sterrett-conklin-v.jpg
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7103/08/16(Tue)13:50Anonymousimages (7).jpg
7303/09/16(Wed)13:51Anonymousdownload (15).jpg
7403/14/16(Mon)12:32Anonymousdownload (20).jpg
7603/18/16(Fri)03:00Cammygirl1923chan is NOT dead - still in development
The new update should be really cool but theres a really annoying index generation bug, once that's fixed all boards will be updated.
7703/22/16(Tue)22:09FaggotYou laugh you looseimage.jpeg
7803/27/16(Sun)14:07Cammygirl192Post any internet videos you can here!

Not funny but people at my school seem to think so they pick up on memes so slowly.
7903/28/16(Mon)23:44AnonymousDis not noo foo
8003/28/16(Mon)23:44AnonymousDis not noo foo
8103/29/16(Tue)11:16AnonymousA master is outimage.jpeg
8403/29/16(Tue)14:23AnonymousHe is outimage.jpeg
8504/26/16(Tue)16:05Anonymousget the fuck up its leg daylegday.jpg
8604/26/16(Tue)22:21AnonymousNew meme (?new meme kawaii july.png
8704/29/16(Fri)15:57steven foote is an idiotthat is derpy
9405/05/16(Thu)14:38AnonymousSAGE SAGE SAGE
10205/12/16(Thu)11:37weeaboo universe !kUqVObniNEnew meme: the nigbrainmaybe im not the most autistic.png
10505/13/16(Fri)17:49AnonymousCan we get a definitive list of chans?allchans-official.png
10605/14/16(Sat)12:31Spiralcannon2-CWisn't the only one worth posting on 3chan though? this is the only one I actually use at all
Do you only spend a total of about 10 min a month using the internet or what?
11005/15/16(Sun)10:17Spiralcannon2-CWproof from my own forum that it's a lie

registration date: 16th April 2016
time spent in total: 4 Days, 17 Hours, 29 Minutes, 44 Seconds

does that answer your question?

I just don't really care about other chans or most popular sites I'm fine with this one. I think that list you have is basically all of the ones that still work though.
13206/13/16(Mon)10:43Mooti am offended fuk u all
13506/19/16(Sun)11:58AnonymousI waste too much time on facebookchan with no-one talking to me
Only good ones one her are 420chan,freech, tf2chan, and 8chan