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110/19/15(Mon)08:00Anonymous ## Mod Mod IconWhat is this?

1. This is a thread for people who are too lazy to create a new thread.
2. If a thread pertaining to what you want to talk about already exists please don't post about it on here.
210/24/15(Sat)10:08Dixie KongThis place is where you can talk about emulation.

The best emulators for some systems:
SNES - Snes9x
N64 - Mupen64++
GBA - Visual Boy Advance

Emulators aren't illegal but ROMs are, so don't post any roms here please :)

PS I can't proceed without a file so I just uploaded a snes9x render of the DKC competition cart from a screenshot.
Donkey Kong Country Competition Cart Score.png
310/25/15(Sun)11:10Yushe ## Admin Admin IconWe should also talk about rom hacks.

Do not upload rom or iso files.
But you can upload ips files.
510/25/15(Sun)13:34Dixie KongWe should make a separate thread for it really...

what emulator is your favourite?
610/25/15(Sun)19:11Yushe ## Admin Admin Icon>>5
Make another thread if you want.

My favourite is project 64 because I really like the n64 and also because I haven't really tried any of n64 emulators.

Anyway has anyone heard of that modified version of dolphin that can play the mario kart arcade game, just thought I'd tell everyone about it.
710/26/15(Mon)09:16Dixie KongI don't particularly like 2.x becasue of the sound issues and the installer being bundled with malware, but I like PJ64 1.6.

Mupen is good though but none of the forks are being updated and the official one was last updated in 2005.

I heard of the dolphin thing a couple of years ago but don't remember the name of it.
810/26/15(Mon)09:24Dixie KongPost anything about ROM hacking here.
What is rom hacking?
Editing a game to your liking, so that it has custom gameplay, graphics, audio and such.

Is this illegal?
Only the roms themselves are illegal. Companies like to make out all ROM hacking is illegal when it isn't.

Where can I get rom hack patches?
There will probably be some in this thread, but two good sites are (Acmlm's Board Successor) and

So remember no rom posting in this thread but you can always link to ips patches and the like.

-Dixie Kong

PS the image is irrelevant again
Dixie Kong running sprite.gif
910/26/15(Mon)12:32Yushe ## Admin Admin Icon>>7
It is called dolphin triforce it was made mainly to play the mario kart arcade game.

Anyway I really don't know why we don't have a N64DD emulator yet especially when there are super mario 64 dd carts poping up.

1010/27/15(Tue)04:25Dixie KongWhy not fork mupen64plus and try to add n64dd support and a GUI? :)

I'll have one of those carts dumped if n64dd emulation begins please ;)

And I'm only learning C to start an emulator project in fact. So yeah.

I wonder why you would make an emulator just to play one game though... what's the recommended specs to play MKDD on Dolphin?
1110/27/15(Tue)09:51Yushe ## Admin Admin Icon>>10
I don't know how to code something like that, I guess we'll just have to wait for someone to make one.

I know we havn't got a 3DS emulator yet but we will get one soon that isn't a virus/scam.
1210/28/15(Wed)07:07Dixie Konger... pretty sure Citra and 3dsmoo can play simple homebrew so technically we do have 3ds emulators, just can't play commercial games - at least Nintendo can't bitch shit over them that way.
1311/01/15(Sun)09:35Dixie KongPROBLEM:

Vista x64 doesn't wish to allow me to use a ps3 controller with anything.

x86 will though, so fucking annoying

Xbox controllers are irritating to hold so unless I have to do that then I'l have to use a shitty keyboard for n64 games.

Shame really
PS3 Controller.jpg
>using vista
1511/01/15(Sun)13:50Dixie Kongduuurp

it's fine on 32-bit though
1611/06/15(Fri)08:14bossgod ## Mod Mod IconI have been messing around with the popular rom hack (e.g kizo Mario)but I don't know some weird hacks.
1711/07/15(Sat)12:10Dixie KongBossGod, weren't you a local mod on SM64HS who never returned after registering and posting a few things?

I personally hate kaizo hacks...
1811/10/15(Tue)15:15bossgod ## Mod Mod Iconi was on it but after a while i forgot about that website so ya don't diss.
1911/11/15(Wed)02:40Dixie Kongoh yeah. Also, something is going on here:

The hack is probably going to be one of the megaman games if you're interested...
2011/11/15(Wed)07:18bossgod ## Mod Mod Iconya it would be cool to see a megaman hack for once
2111/11/15(Wed)10:52Yushe ## Admin Admin Icon>>20
megaman hacks have been around for ages they are just not very popular.
2211/14/15(Sat)13:28Dixie KongUnpopular my arse!

Look on board2, there's about a million of them, in fact, I think most of them ended up there because most of the users do MM hacks on it.
My Arse.gif
2311/15/15(Sun)15:34AnonymousAnyone hyped for this fangame?

I wonder what nintendo will do lel.
2411/25/15(Wed)17:28AnonymousI opened up this fucking game and played 3 fucking hours after buying it, and today my file was just fucking gone. Solution?edb3idfjhm9qe3sxx2ia.png
Contact steam support?
2612/10/15(Thu)03:49AnonymousDiscuss fighting games ITT.angel-peopleselbow.gif
2712/10/15(Thu)10:36MrShroomWhat do y'all think of the new street fighter game?tmp_12308-images1783570726.png
2812/11/15(Fri)03:04Dixie Kongthe only thing I know of it is Cammy's theme and it sounds better than her SF4 theme anyway.
2912/13/15(Sun)02:49AnonymousStreet Fighter V's third beta test is happening on the 18th, if anyone is interested.4.10-V-Trigger-Critical-Art.jpg

sell the game :^)
3112/19/15(Sat)21:41Football HippyWhat is your favourite Pokémon?scolipede.png
3212/21/15(Mon)10:13AnonymousDemo is out!
3312/22/15(Tue)05:21Dixie KongI wish I had a more powerful PC (only 2GB) but I'll look around the web for videos., perhaps n dailymotion.
3412/22/15(Tue)05:29Dixie KongYushe posted this on my board, I might check out it.
3512/22/15(Tue)05:30Dixie KongUpdate.
Has anyone tried CEMU yet? (Wii U emulator attempt)
3612/22/15(Tue)11:15Yushe ## Admin Admin Icon>>35
I think I tried it out but I didn't have any roms.
3712/22/15(Tue)16:21Dixie Kong>>36 Why are you 'Anonymous' on the thread and 'Yushe ## Admin' on /v itself?

Is there any wiiu homebrew going around or not, would be good for testing it with :D
3812/29/15(Tue)18:53AnonymousI'll make a couple of Super Mario Maker levels later. It is bypassed midnight here.
3912/30/15(Wed)00:15Football HippyIs anyone looking forward to King of Fighters XIV?

4001/11/16(Mon)04:07Dixie KongYushe we all know what that is supposed to reference to

remember the Table
4101/20/16(Wed)15:05AnonymousAnyone here have played Pro Evolution Soccer?
Fun FIFA is crap. PES I love since 3 on PC.
Online still have suck though, I don't know why.
4202/04/16(Thu)21:57Anonymousshut up you communist nazi jew go back to canada myoc redux BETTER RED FINAL.png
4302/09/16(Tue)11:45Anonymousoh baby.639.jpg
4402/09/16(Tue)11:49Anonymouscould someone link me the creator's channel?
channel got taken down sadly
4602/16/16(Tue)11:43AnonymousYou have to kill yourself, make sure to record it and put it on 4chan pls.
4702/17/16(Wed)05:38JamieDignamYour English reminds me of StarLand's.
Also, I prefer PES to FIFA, yes.
5102/21/16(Sun)10:00Cammygirl192 !bOUquBIbDQYou realise that I will stop allowed shitposting right?
There's to be a lot more discipline here than there was.
5202/21/16(Sun)10:03Cammygirl192 !bOUquBIbDQ>>46 but what if this guy's like me - basically gets ignored on all his threads?
I mean I make a cammy appreciation thread and it got ignored about four times. Even though she has a status in life... but not to rant, though, or else you'll see flying spam
5302/25/16(Thu)16:55Anonymouswho is still playing Doom?
5603/12/16(Sat)20:10AnonymousA lot of people do.
5703/13/16(Sun)09:55Cammygirl192I might actually get the original game and see how it plays on my computer...
5803/18/16(Fri)11:13Anonymousyour mon
5903/24/16(Thu)23:02AnonymousLileep is by far the most stylish pokemon.
Followed by Tympole.
6003/27/16(Sun)14:01Cammygirl192I'm hybrid: both pc master race and a dirty console peasant...PCGMR.jpg
6104/02/16(Sat)22:40Anonymouswallpaper time!SF-8496.jpg
6204/02/16(Sat)22:40Anonymouswallpaper time!SF-12957.jpg
6304/02/16(Sat)22:42Anonymouswallpaper time!SF-Udon-2810.jpg
6804/11/16(Mon)11:28Anonymous>>62 nice Cammy!!
7004/20/16(Wed)12:02AnonymousInsert your name here:
7505/03/16(Tue)19:48Anonymous>>24 dont play shit games
8205/23/16(Mon)00:25Anonymousi got ps4 and pc, some games are console exclusive. (Uncharted, last of us, infamous second son)Noctis.jpg
Nice ^^
I know, you need both to get all of the good stuff!
9005/28/16(Sat)18:47AnonymousNew people I youtube. Funny video they made.
9105/28/16(Sat)18:48AnonymousFunny video I wanted to share with you all.
10509/22/16(Thu)17:16meProbably HootHoot because i have some history with that pokemon