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23509/24/16(Sat)22:22AnonymousBring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.techsuptile.png
23609/25/16(Sun)12:16JDignam !!z7xqFOhXO81Official thread for supporters of Windows XP - the best Microsoft operating system ever.

We had this before but it was removed.
>We had this before but it was removed.
I wonder why.
23809/26/16(Mon)09:05Anonymous ## Mod Mod Icon>>237
it was removed because the version the old /tech/ was running on was too old and updating it would cause issues
23909/26/16(Mon)13:01JDignam !!z7xqFOhXO81>>237
I'm going to view the site in IE6 later and see what happens...
24109/26/16(Mon)17:02AnonymousWhat's your preferred Linux distro and why did you choose ittux_sh-600x600.png
24209/27/16(Tue)18:48AnonymousWhy is there a proprietary chat application on the front page? This is not very liberating.disdain.jpg
24309/27/16(Tue)19:56Yushe ## Admin Admin Icon>>242
I put it there to bring the community closer together
>not using disconnect/other things to block it
>why aren't you blocking this thing I gave you?
Consider something freedom-compliant if you want to attract all the 8/tech/ memesters.
24509/27/16(Tue)21:29Yushe ## Admin Admin Icon>>244
I've decided to remove the chatango and have it just as a link on the homepage if people want to use it still, I'm also gonna promote the irc more
24609/29/16(Thu)12:55JDignam !!z7xqFOhXO81Not Ubuntu, too much proprietary garbage and spies on you.
24709/29/16(Thu)12:56JDignam ## Mod !!z7xqFOhXO81 Mod IconThis doesn't belong in /tech/, it belongs in /3/, just to note.
then what do you use then?
24909/29/16(Thu)19:32Yushe ## Admin Admin Icon>>247
technically it can be in both

it can be in /3/ because it's about the site

and it can be in /tech/ because it's about software
25310/11/16(Tue)09:39Anonymousmint because im still getting used to linux
take screenshots
25710/21/16(Fri)12:30Anonymouswindows seven is better shut the fuck up
25910/21/16(Fri)18:23AnonymousWelcome to /tech/

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26010/22/16(Sat)14:22LoliForce !1zLolicons>>236
fuck you.
26210/23/16(Sun)11:56xkittenwindows vista is still better :^(
Then why do we use /3/?
26410/24/16(Mon)16:29Golden*rod*I had xp, that's why I switched to linux13403733729672.jpg
Vista is for faggots.