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112/22/15(Tue)01:00MrShroom3x3 thread, post your favorites and rate.tmp_14533-mosaic33f1b53275e229d0d2d7f6425f2da04ba84fdd67-569390055.jpg
212/23/15(Wed)16:59SNOOPOH FUCK ITS MY BOARD. <br />post some good ass musics manemr-oizo-stade-2.jpg
301/06/16(Wed)08:53Dixie KongThe Laziest Men on Mars: Invasion of the Gabber Robots - sticks in your mind...<br />Slash: World on Fire - listened to it last night, really good song<br /><br />Speaking of Slash, GNR have got back together.
401/06/16(Wed)08:53Dixie Kongbr glitch is glitchy
501/11/16(Mon)21:18MrShroom>be gone for a month<br />>only two posts on /mu/<br /><br />well shit11227518_967617406609655_8282770682792471946_n.jpg
601/13/16(Wed)13:34Dixie Kongnot many people really come here unfortunately even the other forums aren't too active<br /><br />just need more activity, I already linked to 3chan on my site homepage if that can help
702/18/16(Thu)11:21JamieDignamSome video game music is worth to discussing.<br />Post here what you likes - me:<br />All of Zero Wing OST<br />Cammy's themes<br />Ryu's Theme from SF2<br />SMW2 OST<br />DKC 1-3 OSTSMB1ENGINE.png
1002/24/16(Wed)00:52pelvismurderthis board is empty as all hell, (actually the entire imageboard itself ayy lmao) consider this a call into the void. 3x3 thread lets do it ladzonethingidontknowwhy.jpg
1102/25/16(Thu)11:56Cammygirl192You could have used the last thread there's no need to make a new one.<br />Also I'm not really into music except game music.
1202/26/16(Fri)03:12Guy on 3ChanBest album coming through06_UNCLEMEAT.jpg
1302/26/16(Fri)03:28Anonymoussure ;)
1703/12/16(Sat)13:45u9faggot im new to this stuff
1803/13/16(Sun)09:53Cammygirl192It's really simple to use this.
1903/23/16(Wed)17:19Anonymous>>11<br />WHY<br />ARE<br />YOU<br />EVEN<br />HERE?<br />-------LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING--<br /> C<br /> ABOUT<br /> Y R<br />N O O N E<br /> U O S<br /> R INTO<br /> E<br /> \<br /> /<br />/\ |/ |<br />\/ |\ <>
2003/23/16(Wed)18:55Cammygirl192>>19<br />what??
2103/27/16(Sun)14:08Cammygirl192is it: Why are you even here? Let me tell you something: See about yourself. No one... you are so into e CAMMY
2303/31/16(Thu)12:27AnonymousDid you use the chicken to mesure it's greatness?
2410/14/16(Fri)10:35AnonymousWhat do you guys think of this?<br /><br />