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110/19/15(Mon)07:22Anonymous ## Mod Mod IconWhat is this thread?

1. This is a thread for people who are too lazy to create a thread.
2. If a thread pertaining to what you want to talk about already exists please don't post about it on here.

311/09/15(Mon)02:04Dixie KongThe greatest sitcom ever produced, which Americans don't understand because they are thick.

A series about market traders who sell dodgy items (Del and Rodney)... not much else to say.

I'm uploading these clips to dailymotion sometimes as well.
Del Rodney and Albert.jpg
411/09/15(Mon)04:46Yushe ## Admin Admin Icon>>3
It's the way british people talk and act that americans don't understand.
511/10/15(Tue)02:04Dixie KongI agree.
Also, see picture. Found it on the facebook page for OFAH appreciation society.
Batman and Rodney.jpg
612/29/15(Tue)19:04AnonymousI can try invite a German version of the show (dub) and see how it is. maybe I will enjoy it?
701/07/16(Thu)21:47AnonymousAND HORSESUntitled.jpg
801/07/16(Thu)21:49AnonymousAND HORSESRandom guard of mlp.png
901/13/16(Wed)13:38Dixie Kongwhat are your favourite sitcoms from the UK, anyone?
1001/19/16(Tue)11:36Jason Toddwhat's your favourite batman story arc?images.jpg
1101/19/16(Tue)11:41Jason ToddOr just your favourite batman comic
1201/19/16(Tue)11:41AnonymousOr just your favourite batman comic
1301/19/16(Tue)11:44Jason ToddMiranda and bad educationha.jpg
1401/20/16(Wed)14:58AnonymousI have not watch any. It is possible, if I get dub of German, however might it be less?
1702/23/16(Tue)15:55Anonymoushas anyone ever seen these? i guess they're some promo images by rebecca or something for Steven Universe, but they're like in some sort of weird anime universe? wtf?

that site has more of them??? wtf???
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2904/09/16(Sat)10:11The JokerThe Joker got your tongue?joker.jpg
12309/08/16(Thu)02:32Anonymousbit .ly/2bTMBse