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211/12/15(Thu)04:15Yushe ## Admin Admin IconTest Stuff
quote test
411/14/15(Sat)21:13Anonymouscool site dudeRMS+Chomsky.jpg
511/14/15(Sat)21:26Anonymoustried to post a thread in www, nothing appeared
611/15/15(Sun)11:23Yushe ## Admin Admin Icon>>5
You have to regenerate the page with "imgboard.php" sometimes.

All the boards are going to get a big update soon that fixes a lot of things.
I hope you stick around. :)
711/15/15(Sun)13:59Anonymous>>6<br />so what's this site all about?
811/15/15(Sun)14:38Yushe ## Admin Admin Icon>>7
Why are you using a
And this site is about anything really (depending on what board you are using)
You can talk about anything on here as long as it is legal and related to the board you are using.
911/17/15(Tue)07:31Anonymous ## Mod Mod IconI added an experimental feature to this thread. (Event Stickies)

>What are these event stickies you speak of?
They are a type of sticky thread that allows this thread to have "1500" replys.
1111/23/15(Mon)16:54Anonymouswhen are you going to open source the code that 3chan runs on???1447442421012.jpg
1211/27/15(Fri)16:15Yushe ## Admin Admin Icon
1312/07/15(Mon)07:36Anonymous ## Developer Dev IconI have finally implemented banners into 3chan.

So I am now accepting banner requests.
SFW banners only (as long as there is no nudity i will accept it)
The banner must include text saying 3chan.
The banner must be 300x100

ITT post the banners you have made
1412/10/15(Thu)03:38Anonymouswhere you been.png
1512/10/15(Thu)15:38Anonymousmaybe u mean SFW banners?
1712/10/15(Thu)16:10Yushe ## Admin Admin Iconwhoops typo thanks for that
1812/10/15(Thu)21:09MrshroomI just made one for /pig/ezgif-3830142642.gif
1912/11/15(Fri)03:06Dixie Kongthat iPhone image is getting on my nerves on the old boards<br />can't they be updated?<br />Yushe also explained why it does that so I don't need a reexplanation.weird 3chan.jpg
2012/11/15(Fri)07:31Yushe ## Admin Admin IconThis is a bug that appears on boards that are running older versions of 3chans software, it is to do with the image search buttons. When quoting is fixed I will update all the boards so this error won't appear again. Boards that are affected: /co/, /tech/, /v/, /www/ and /f/.

How to fix: Clearing your cookies fixes it if I remember.
2112/11/15(Fri)07:40Yushe ## Admin Admin IconI added it but next time make sure you add text saying 3chan.
2212/12/15(Sat)08:03Dixie KongYou could use this as a placeholder on /v until you get a better one.<br />(the only reason I put Dixie and Diddy on it is because of them holding a SNES controller)3chan Gaming Logo.png
2312/12/15(Sat)10:10Yushe ## Admin Admin IconJust letting your guys know that the banners are global.
2512/12/15(Sat)18:34Anonymous ## Developer Dev IconPost issues and bugs you have found on the site and suggestions to improve the site.

Known bugs:
br tags don't work on some boards
tripcodes don't generate and make the name blank
green text doesn't work on some boards
quoting doesn't work on some boards
(the above issues are gonna be fixed soon)
2612/12/15(Sat)19:55AnonymousObligatory shitpost.flux.png
2712/13/15(Sun)12:36MrshroomCan we have a /mu/ board? Music is always great.anigif_enhanced-buzz-25418-1365175613-21.gif
2812/13/15(Sun)14:51Yushe ## Admin Admin IconI said in the news that I would sometime so I guess I will.<br /><br />Post your suggestions in the "Site Issues And Suggestions" thread next time.
2912/15/15(Tue)12:20lol>>24<br /><br />hah
3012/17/15(Thu)16:18Dixie KongBug report<br /><br />Internet Explorer 6 renders the website perfect. Fix this.
3112/22/15(Tue)01:46MrShroomHow about a recent post tab? We had one on pigchan
3212/22/15(Tue)05:24Dixie KongStickied threads don't do shit and threads don't seem to bounce back up at all.<br /><br />/v I posted yesterday and even though it's a sticky the tor thread is above it.
3312/22/15(Tue)05:27Dixie KongI'll include an image.<br />Can you also exlain what all that shit is in the header.Problem with 3chan's stickying.JPG
3412/22/15(Tue)05:35Dixie KongHave 'Anonymous ## Mod' and 'bossgod # Mod' been active on this site since they registered?<br /><br />Seems to me that the Anonymous mod is a test account and bossgod has some relation to Yushe (moderator on one of Yushe's old boards on his registration)Boycie.jpg
3512/22/15(Tue)11:09Yushe ## Admin Admin IconAlso appears on boards that are running on older versions.

When quoting is fixed everything will be updated ;)
3612/22/15(Tue)11:10Yushe ## Admin Admin IconYour right the anonymous mod account was for tests and bossgod is just a temp mod here.

I will consider hiring janitors when permissions are more refined.
3712/22/15(Tue)16:24Dixie Kong>>36 Do you and bossgod know each other or are you both the same person?
3812/23/15(Wed)16:14Yushe ## Admin Admin IconI know him in real life thats the only reason why I could trust him to be a mod here.
3912/23/15(Wed)16:52snowflakeshey fagmin<br />why can't we hide threadsmr-oizo-stade-2.jpg
4012/23/15(Wed)16:54Snoop+1 support for this
4112/24/15(Thu)04:26Yushe ## Admin Admin IconThis feature might come in the future.
4212/24/15(Thu)09:09AnonymousThis website is so fucking broken lmao1450925549449.jpg
4312/25/15(Fri)08:17Yushe ## Admin Admin IconA big update is coming that will fix a lot of things like quoting and a lot of plugins, this means we will have new features like quick replys and auto thread updates.
4412/26/15(Sat)14:30Dixie KongI'll tell you what is broken to fuck:<br /><br />(hacked by that idiot)
4612/31/15(Thu)14:21Yushe ## Admin Admin IconCan you please change the .org to a .ml, the domain is not for sale and I don't own it. :(
4701/01/16(Fri)10:18Anonymous>>46<br />My apologies.krizalid fixed.png
4801/06/16(Wed)08:45Dixie KongIt says about only Western stuff, when you said longtime ago anime could be discussed in there.<br /><br />Is this an error or intentional?<br /><br />PS Yushe I do not 'like getting banned' I hacked my own account at board2 because I felt like all I did was cause shit there like drama and stuff.<br /><br />Image unrelated, it's something I just had to do.Go to hell.png
4901/06/16(Wed)08:57Dixie KongAre .ogg video format supported yet?
5101/06/16(Wed)20:58Yushe ## Admin Admin IconWhy should I support .ogg files shouldn't I just support mp4.

webm files are already supported by the way.
5201/07/16(Thu)01:30Dixie KongDunno, but .ogg is apparently an open format compared to .mp4 and ,webm.<br />(They completely fucked up when they changed the standards from Ogg Theora to H264/MP4 and WEBM. It'd make support better, if W3C had just left it.)
5301/07/16(Thu)04:16Yushe ## Admin Admin IconYou can talk about anime and manga on there if you want.
5401/22/16(Fri)18:47Yushe // // AdminWhy are you so interested anyways?
5701/23/16(Sat)10:24Anonymousplease fix it
5801/30/16(Sat)02:51Dixie Kong>>57 Test out new things in /r so that we can get updated and this shit is fixed.
5902/07/16(Sun)05:38Dixie KongHow can we revive /f, /tech, /mu and /v? I never see any new posts in there.<br />/co is getting a little more active though, fortunately, I saw a post made in there about a few days ago.<br />Also, if anyone wants to suggest me to put some Flash games on my site then post in my thread in /f.gta5-logo-png-ndsbxxfe.png
6002/07/16(Sun)14:34gay shitgood jobbPv3S4me.jpg
6102/08/16(Mon)08:38Yushe ## Admin Admin IconI just want to say that I might be updating /f/ to make it more like the 4chan one.
If this does happen this means there will be a drawing board.
6202/09/16(Tue)11:37Anonymous1. does it respect privacy?<br />2.what features does it have?<br />3. is the site admin a sellout?<br />4. does it respect TOR users?2193.jpg
6402/10/16(Wed)08:56Yushe ## Admin Admin Icon1. Yes, Read the FAQ for more info (IPs are encrypted on here)
2. fortunes, BBcode/redtext ect (there are more features coming soon)
3. No, I have seen great sites and communitys fall due to the owner selling out it never ends well so I will never sell out.
4. Yes, but Tor users have to do a captcha becuase of cloudflare (I wish Tor users didn't have to do that)
6502/13/16(Sat)11:45Dixie Kongyou should also check out the OpenNIC Project<br /><br />Yushe, you know that .chan domains are available through them right? (just need to change DNS server to be able to access)
6602/14/16(Sun)14:29AnonymousPosting on /r/ is broken, it keeps saying error thread doesn't exist.570131010.png
6702/14/16(Sun)20:34Yushe ## Admin Admin IconDatabase error, fixed.
6802/16/16(Tue)14:31AnonymousWhen posting a duplicate file, the "Error: Duplicate file entry detected." link is broken. <br /><br />"The requested URL /r/res/201.html was not found on this server."<br /><br />The url should be /r/thread/201.html.Bear.jpg
6902/16/16(Tue)20:37AnonymousCan you bump the file limit up to 4096KB? Shouldn't affect bandwidth much as most files are tiny.1443990829217.jpg
7102/16/16(Tue)23:22Anonymous ## Developer Dev Icon>>68
I have located the issue and it will be fixed when the regist rewrite is done.

When the rewrite is done if everything is working I will increase the size.
7202/17/16(Wed)05:35JamieDignamWe need to be able to edit posts in case we forget to add images etc.<br /><br />Also you should code a plugin system and more user friendly system for people that don't know PHP.<br /><br />Just saying :)
7302/17/16(Wed)05:37JamieDignamJust to say can you keep the image search buttons broken on purpose because I like to use a background sometimes on this board instead of a boring colour.<br />The Vista image looks really fitting as a background on /tech =)
7402/17/16(Wed)12:10Anonymous ## Developer Dev Icon>>72
Editing posts is not really a feature an imageboard should have,
the settings are the plugins and what do you mean by a "more user friendly system for people that don't know PHP"

Sorry but it has already been removed from the code and I bet a lot of people wouldn't like it anyway.
7502/17/16(Wed)13:55JamieDignam@AnonDev: I sometimes forget to add the occasional image and I don't like double posting besides we need to have unique features.<br /><br />By 'more user friendly' I mean just doing things from a GUI and not through config.php
7802/20/16(Sat)15:51AnonymousMr admin dude,<br /><br />Can you alter the maximum file size to 4096KB, I have an epic thread to post.570114389.jpg
7902/20/16(Sat)16:22Anonymous ## Developer Dev IconFile size has been changed to 2500KB on /r/, I might change it some more in the future.
8002/21/16(Sun)18:08AnonymousDude I need over 2.5MB to post an epic skullfucker thread.<br /><br />It's 2,512,486 bytes
8102/22/16(Mon)01:55Anonymous ## Developer Dev Icon>>80
just tell me what KB you want it set to.
8202/23/16(Tue)14:26Anonymous>>81<br />4096KBWarhammer40kSpaceMarineVideoDumped.jpg
8302/23/16(Tue)14:57AnonymousCan someone please fix the <br /> bug?1412950823914.gif
8402/24/16(Wed)03:01Anonymous ## Developer Dev Icon>>82
I have changed it to 5000.

Have fun!
8502/24/16(Wed)03:02Anonymous ## Developer Dev Icon>>83
It is fixed I just have to update the boards.
8602/24/16(Wed)16:32hiding behind four proxysI'm hiding behind 4 proxys<br />good luck
8702/25/16(Thu)18:43Anonymous>>84<br />It says 5000KB but when I try to upload the file, I get this error "This image is too large! Upload something smaller!". The file is 2.39MB.<br /><br />May be it means the resolution is too high? It's 4527x3586.1239124876449.jpg
8802/26/16(Fri)08:55Anonymous>>86<br /><br />Yes, the resolution is too big.
8902/26/16(Fri)16:23Anonymous>>88<br />Can you adjust the maximum resolution? It's a really epic thread.1432738316663.jpg
9102/27/16(Sat)06:52Anonymous ## Developer Dev IconThe image must be too big, 3chan doesn't have a max resolution only file size.
9602/28/16(Sun)16:14Anonymous>>91<br />The image is only 2.39MB. Are you sure there's no resolution limit?34750691.jpg
9702/28/16(Sun)16:52Anonymous>>96<br />
10303/11/16(Fri)14:52Cammygirl192Is it possible to add a /cos board one day? If gets it enough attention, then maybe.
10503/13/16(Sun)18:57Cammygirl192>>104 'cosplay'
10603/14/16(Mon)03:16Cammygirl192I can't believe you didn't work that out...
10703/15/16(Tue)18:24AnonymousThere you go. I can replace the cyka with board namesvladimir-putin_2759865b.jpg
10903/17/16(Thu)05:16Anonymous>>107<br />the image much be 300x100
11003/17/16(Thu)17:25Anonymous>>108 sorry
12303/24/16(Thu)17:32AnonymousThis is a newline fix using a custom phrase&newline&There<br /><?php<br />str_replace("&newline&","br />","&newline&");<br />?>Pepe+did+9+11+wake+up+sheeple_530104_5517760.jpg
12403/24/16(Thu)21:05Everything will be fixed soon
12503/26/16(Sat)10:37Cammygirl192Can a 'last posts' page be added? This site isn't too active and I want to be able to quickly make a track on the latest stuff here.Wii U on fire.jpg
12703/29/16(Tue)14:07Anonymousboard idea:<br /><br />/lrn/ learning<br /><br />Topics: math, programming, etc
12803/30/16(Wed)13:25AnonymousPEPE DID NOT DO 9/11. STOP LYING
12903/31/16(Thu)05:19Cammygirl192>>127<br />I like that idea!
13003/31/16(Thu)17:26Anonymous ## Developer Dev Icon
13104/01/16(Fri)06:37Cammygirl192Thanks :) This board software can only get better. A feature allowing custom boards should be allowed along with user registration, this means that suggestions can be taken and this is a community image board. (Mostly so I can have /cos and /cammy lol)
13204/01/16(Fri)06:45Cammygirl192Yushe, you should post this software somewhere on the Internet so it gets more noticed and more people can help with its development.<br /><br />Check they might be able to give you some tips and help with coding it.<br /><br />Thanks. Cammy. (Picture Unrelated)VertVixen Cammy (Self).jpg
13304/02/16(Sat)22:08AnonymousRegistration defeats the meaning of anonymity and imageboards because imageboards are made for anonymity.<br />
13705/13/16(Fri)01:31Brogre/pig/ is broken as fuck, no threads can be viewed.Swoll Shrek.png
13805/14/16(Sat)12:30Spiralcannon2-CWI have no problem, can you take screenshot?
13905/16/16(Mon)02:17AnonymousQuick reply does not work. Please, fix it when you see it.

14005/16/16(Mon)15:20Spiralcannon2-CWYeah I know, on /r/ it puts it in the fortune thread.
Contact @yusheec on twitter it's faster than here.
14105/17/16(Tue)07:32Anonymous ## Developer Dev IconQuick reply will be fixed in the new version
and more features are coming like navigation arrows, hide posts & threads, watch threads and new report button
quick reply works for me
14305/23/16(Mon)00:22AnonymousSO WHERE IS IT?NOTTO DISU SHITTO AGEN.jpg
14405/23/16(Mon)13:44Yushe ## Admin Admin IconIf enough people vote then I will add it
14505/27/16(Fri)18:10AnonymousI made a pixel art logo for 3chanNew Piskel.png
14605/29/16(Sun)05:53_Touko_White_I think you should have done this in the first place, could have made 3chan more active.
14705/29/16(Sun)05:53_Touko_White_I'll forward it to Yushe.
14806/03/16(Fri)18:21Anonymousleaked bernie nudes
15707/04/16(Mon)16:12AnonymousI think we should have a neo-nazism board since it would give people like me a voice.street_fighter_v___cammy_white_ii_by_caliburwarrior-d9f6or3.png
adding /pol/ would be a better idea
16207/23/16(Sat)10:23PuggyDreamyI never wrote this, who the fuck is impersonating me?image.jpeg
16307/23/16(Sat)15:36AnonymousTried posting a thread over at /v/, to toss in a bit of activity for the site, but the thread is in archive mode. When can new threads be made again?

Picture has no meaning aside from having a video game related image for the OP.
use a tripcode in the future
16507/23/16(Sat)20:56Yushe ## Admin Admin IconPlease read the latest news update
16607/24/16(Sun)04:37CosmicKeiko3chan is archived due to inactivity and places out of date, I think? When an update arrives I except all the boards can be updated, Yushe, conform it for me?
16707/24/16(Sun)04:48CosmicKeiko !!TKp0TR5UNnHTesting the "Secure Tripcode" hereimage.jpeg
16807/24/16(Sun)05:00 !!MFp3mS2YPIhtest
16907/24/16(Sun)05:01 !Yushedo.Rw>>168
i like my regular tripcode better
17107/26/16(Tue)08:31PuggyDreamy !!TKp0TR5UNnHFunny how searching !Yushedo.Rw comes up a damn lot of chan sites. How did you get a custom tripcode and what are the requirements?image.jpeg
17207/26/16(Tue)08:38PuggyDreamy !!QuczQQzo3zR>>164
Doing that now, hopefully no idiot impersonates me or other bullshit anymore, though they could just use another of the names I have used here. :P
17307/26/16(Tue)09:19 !Yushedo.Rw>>171
you can have nearly anything in your tripcode but its just hard to find a good one

using things like tripcode explorer helps
17407/27/16(Wed)09:07PuggyDreamy !!TKp0TR5UNnH>>173
I use my normal password as a tripcode I use tripcodes as passwords instead of a way to show off or whatever

Yours is fucking amazing though Yushe
17507/27/16(Wed)12:17AnonymousHakan Karahisar
Graetzstra├če 4
D-58762 Altena

this person is a child abuser , please communicate this info worldwide
17607/27/16(Wed)13:23 !Yushedo.Rw>>174
but ok
17707/27/16(Wed)13:25Anonymouswrong board
me. maybe you should stop being a useless namefag ms."I don't listen to much music anyway" Fuck off.
18008/01/16(Mon)04:53AnonymousWhat hosting does 3chan run on and can someone suggest good free hosting.hqdefault.jpg
18108/01/16(Mon)12:59 !Yushedo.Rw3chan is hosted on digitalocean
18308/08/16(Mon)15:57Anonymousyushe my friend

don't answer questions like this, it can only hurt you when hosting an imageboard
18408/09/16(Tue)11:32 !Yushedo.Rw>>183
there are sites out there that can tell you what host a site is using you know
18608/12/16(Fri)15:23PuggyDreamy !!TKp0TR5UNnH3chan now has a Facebook page operated by me, Yushe sorta endorses it but it is not technically official. The banner will be changed soon btw.

I made a post there asking what boards sd could add. I have also written a personal response:

As well as the archived ones I suggest: anime/manga (a), high quality images (hq), personal/questions/etc (p), real world news (n) and roleplay (rpg). I've never seen an RP forum on a chan before, tbh. If sub boards are a function, I suggest making a kawaii (k) forum for cute anime things as a sub of anime... <3

Anyone up for it?
FB page:

(I hope to get "3chandotml" as a username once there is 25 likes too!)
18708/12/16(Fri)15:28PuggyDreamy !!TKp0TR5UNnHIf good memes get here and posts I will also quote them onto the Facebook page too, feel free to email me any quotes/inages you think are amusing or helpful :)

As for the banner I might set it to the picture in this thread's first post since she's wearing green and I think she looks so adorable.

Yushe you should get Facebook so I can chat to you and also let you admin the page yourself too because I'm not good at recognising things on chanboards (>_<)
18808/12/16(Fri)15:30PuggyDreamy !!TKp0TR5UNnH>184
Also it isn't too much of a problem, this is a VERY good host and don't forget this project is open source. People want to know where to host things...
18908/12/16(Fri)15:36PuggyDreamy !!TKp0TR5UNnHOn /r/ (haven't checked here), post links seem to set the post ID for the thread ID as well resulting in links like this:

Also quick reply always posts to the first thread instead of the thread it should be.
19008/13/16(Sat)00:08 !Yushedo.Rw>>187
facebook is shit

and the next board to be added will be based on one of the new features
19108/13/16(Sat)00:12PuggyDreamy !!TKp0TR5UNnH>>190
If you haven't got an account how are you able to say something is shit? I hate that assumption...
19308/13/16(Sat)04:46 !Yushedo.Rw>>191
i've had an account on it before
19408/14/16(Sun)06:57PuggyDreamy !!TKp0TR5UNnH>>193
Ah ok its just that a lot of people say its shit when they don't even try it (^_^)
Also is l4w2-gamers shit? I want to try to affiliate again we have bot protection under our hosting and we're also really active again now.
We're actually working on a collab hack probably for super mario RPG. (^_^)
19508/14/16(Sun)06:59PuggyDreamy !!TKp0TR5UNnHAlso Yushe check the bug report thread all post links result to a 404

19708/16/16(Tue)17:05AnonymousWhat's this website for againIMG_20160816_124427.jpg
20008/17/16(Wed)15:41PuggyDreamy !!TKp0TR5UNnHrandom stuff I guess, only chan I visit unless you count yliwhatever
21609/03/16(Sat)06:42Kawaii-Volt32Will there be a .org or other domain any time soon?moar.png
21709/03/16(Sat)13:38 !Yushedo.RwYes, when I have more spare time.
22309/10/16(Sat)11:45Anonymous ## Mod Mod IconThe site has been upgraded, everything should be faster.

If you have any questions or you find any issues with the site please post them in this thread or email Yushe!
22409/10/16(Sat)11:48Anonymoustest post
looks like posts show up when you post them
22709/12/16(Mon)03:49AnonymousHere are some boards i would like to see come back and be added /mu/ /tech/ /v/ and more boards like /a/ for anime /pol/ for politics /co/ cartoons /e/ Erotica /h/ henti /tv/ TV and movies /asi/ a board all about asian culture /jp/ nothing but talk about japan /col/ collectibles toys and many more /rv/ retro video games these are the only ideas i have right now also no normalfags allowed and please try to keep the underage newfag cringe cancer off of here it will kill this site if it comes here.Pepe relaxing on a cold day.jpg
22809/12/16(Mon)07:57Anonymous ## Developer Dev IconI am trying to add back /tech/ but for some reason it doesn't want to work

the newest version is too buggy and the version /3/ and /r/ run on isn't working for whatever reason

I will keep testing things to try and get /tech/ working
dont fuck with free hosts for imageboard, take it from a man who's been cucked by free hosts many times
23009/22/16(Thu)05:44Ko !M/kBoFL8Qwthis site is growing good
it is growing but is still a small chan

we need more users on here
23209/22/16(Thu)22:04AnonymousBut you said you don't use 4chan, Lord Stallman.
23309/24/16(Sat)12:41Anonymousnoko test
Okay sounds good keep up the good work appreciate what you are doing here also please keep cancer off of /r/ we do not want underage newfags on here.
23609/24/16(Sat)21:29Yushe ## Admin Admin Icon>>235
what sort of content would you say is cancer

and please remember I hate newfags as much as the next guy but I don't want to delete there posts or ban them just for being new

why? because 3chan is a very free speech based chan just look at the rules there is barely any

(you can find a link to the rules at the top of the front page or below the post form)
I understand that i am for freedom of speech just like everyone else i am talking about the post on 4chan like YLYL rate me post your face KIk Snap chat meet ups Facebook and YouTube threads porn webms rate my dick cock tributes ect. people on 4chan like to spam that cancer every single day more than once and i don't want 3chan /r/ to end up like /b/ some of the content like the porn webms could be moved to /e/ Erotica but some porn on /r/ is fine keep in mind i am not telling you what to do i am just giving suggestions is all again keep up the good work.
23809/25/16(Sun)11:26Yushe ## Admin Admin Icon>>237
you can always just spam them off of /r/ and if you want a /e/ - Erotica board then add it to the poll

just scroll to the bottom and click add a new answer
>you can always just spam them off of /r/

if 3chan gets mainstream it's not that easy to spam it off /r/
24809/26/16(Mon)08:25AnonymousWhy don't we close /pig/?

It's full of redditfags.
24909/26/16(Mon)10:08Niru !!uuOZSUfNIke>>186
25209/26/16(Mon)11:22Anonymousisn't it already closed due to the fact its archived
25309/26/16(Mon)12:48Yushe ## Admin Admin Icon>>240
if 3chan does get mainstream I might make a rule to deal with these kinds of posts, but it would be hard to manage because mods could abuse the rule to delete posts they don't like
>mods could abuse the rule to delete posts they don't like.

don't wanna have shitty SJWs running this place and end up like 8chan.
25509/27/16(Tue)11:16Anonymousitt we talk about the 3chan new trail board poal
25609/27/16(Tue)12:11Yushe ## Admin Admin Icon>>254
I won't allow sjw janitors/mods, and there is a sticky on /j/ telling them to not be sjws and to be lenient when it comes to the rules

if you have any other questions or suggestions please feel free to post them
but can you make it 300x100

all banners must be 300x100
26810/22/16(Sat)14:18 !Yushedo.Rwindex updated
will sticky your threads when the software is updated

currently things like stickys and capcodes are kinda buggy
27110/22/16(Sat)19:48 !Yushedo.Rw>>270
forgot my trip
27210/22/16(Sat)23:53AnonymousPlease add capcodes for users (Custom name/tripcode color and custom icons/flags)

You should also add country flags to /pol/.

Fortune should be moved to the email feld on /r/. (so you can tripcode and fortune like on [s4s])
How many mods do we have?
27410/23/16(Sun)00:19Mod me>>271
We need mods. Mod me.
28010/23/16(Sun)09:24 !Yushedo.Rw>>272
tripcodes are the capcodes for users

custom flags might be in the next update not 100% sure though

we do have country flags and ids but they are currently broken but fixed in the new version

this might be done

just one so far but i will be hiring janitors when the major update has been released

if you want more info come on the irc
Updating the sticky later after the update.
I forgot to add something.