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    Welcome to /r34/.
    This image board is for sharing and discussing Rule 34.
    The rules for this board are more of a guideline to keep quality on this board. Click here to read them.

    Avoid posting 3D Lolicon
    If Loli stuff is going to be posted, please keep it 2D only.
    3D loli will create grey area issues for our site, and we should specify this in the form of a sticky for right now. Thank you for reading and carry on.

    This thread has been left open for anyone to discuss this decision and other meta bs.
    Please don't shitpost in this sticky.
    This will be the only warning.
    i liked it when an image from /r34/ would appear on other boards

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    File: Crazy Dave Egg.png (66 KB, 420x420)
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    Anyone have real life loli? None of this hentai shit.
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    not somewhere that doesn't respect actual people

    this isn't the UN, we don't protect actual pedophile politicians like those in the UK
    Definition of a Pedophile

    A man who likes a 16-year-old girl is not a pedophile. If you like a girl who hasn't experienced her first menstruation, then it means you're a pedophiles.
    uhm. you guys are

    File: loli text.png (38 KB, 599x441)
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    >>113 (OP)
    I tried to type this but I got several error messages saying it contained banned text even after removing all profanity from it so here is the original version anyway.

    File: 27209511.gif (5.84 MB, 342x683)
    5.84 MB
    Anything goes Edition!

    Last Thread: >>>178 (OP)
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    File: 2b51ed1a292d8353039163bcd(...).png (2.49 MB, 3000x3500)
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    File: fuck the un.png (677 KB, 1864x1630)
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    How do we stop the U.N. from bannin lolis?
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    A man who likes a 16-year-old girl is not a pedophile. If you like a girl who hasn't experienced her first menstruation, then it means you're a pedophiles.
    when a sane person argues pedophiles they come and madness on the sane person
    >>1051 (OP)

    When were is a loli
    You yourself are madnessing all over the place
    your service started the madness then the place sees wich pressure level you feel comfortable with

    File: 426B3D1D-B5D3-456A-8869-A(...).jpg (721 KB, 842x1200)
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    because cock+feminine is cute! traps etc allowed here too I guess

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    File: 9340e47d0515ba587b53c8b5f(...).jpg (245 KB, 892x1155)
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    Post girls that have a """bit""" extra.
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    File: cookie_doe.png (1.6 MB, 2152x2043)
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    File: 238f4424f6cd72819e93730e1(...).png (763 KB, 660x833)
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    what fetishes do you have /r34?
    if you have more info and context about your fetish post it.

    i'm into futa and feet.
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    File: 178_tumblr_inline_p5imx4G(...).png (292 KB, 1280x1357)
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    Navel fucking
    Udder fucking
    Nipple fucking
    the real question is how can someone not be.
    File: 1560466729991.jpg (80 KB, 785x1000)
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    File: 1566965682882.jpeg (374 KB, 750x733)
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    i cant find any
    >>538 (OP)
    I definitely could get around this, artists please!
    >>959 (OP)
    sticked up ball formed crap, presented by young uniformed member of the forgotten, with brave pride shown to the audience and internet, I fascinated by the set up start to feel the excitement at my mid
    I doubt anyone would've drawn that.

    File: 0c4f3357a3257693d3f640aa7(...).png (661 KB, 1280x1763)
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    File: 1760249 - Assaultron Fall(...).png (719 KB, 845x1000)
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    File: 1069988973425102849.webm (1.02 MB)
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    File: 3160614 - Jenny_Wakeman M(...).jpg (108 KB, 1024x2150)
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    File: 3286098 - Ariel_Lopez Jen(...).png (1.21 MB, 2000x2000)
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    File: 2701997 - Jenny_Wakeman M(...).jpg (332 KB, 800x1000)
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    File: 1555359977064.jpg (169 KB, 878x1239)
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    Because there isn't one on 3chan yet.
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    File: df216c29bb0ac1e6d9e9d6be6(...).png (6.05 MB, 4300x3655)
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    File: D245DB7A-9A52-4D85-9D07-4(...).png (241 KB, 625x800)
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    File: 7bk0mPjfqCUCVOgB3XV_zA.pn(...).png (315 KB, 700x900)
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    >>187 (OP)
    "She" must have a big dick!!!
    why do you think that?

    File: 30410_316.jpg (239 KB, 640x480)
    239 KB
    Want to know the sauce of the artist or character ect..? then post it here and maybe some anon will know.

    And art request thread as well since this chan is small.
    File: PNG image-2.png (9.33 MB, 2121x3000)
    9.33 MB
    Requesting removal of Tron’s pants.
    girls with hairy anuses, who draws the best ones? I'm interested in doujins btw
    File: 1566821595611-2.png (8.45 MB, 2121x3000)
    8.45 MB
    Quick edit since I don't have the right pen tool.

    File: 6e7ab8042d59e3c5901f93266(...).jpg (2.64 MB, 4133x6025)
    2.64 MB
    Let's start /r34/ off with a regular old hentai thread.
    If you've got any doujinshi please post them.
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    File: __ayanami_rei_and_souryuu(...).jpg (612 KB, 1250x750)
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    File: 1351479363301.gif (2.64 MB, 250x140)
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