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  • What should we do with /pol/?

    What should we do with /pol/?

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    ladies and gentemen country,the imprisoments. have begun,, even in america jews making bases around the world twisting and subverting other laws throught a companies calle american nights moving storage,amsa moving storage association, in vanlines moving storage. who provided money to buy properties and other companies to disable your economy just like 1940. Jes are in move again defend your self!!you know know what to do. dont let jews take over your country!! jews are taken all your jobs jews want to destroy everything we stand for economic dislocation are treating millions of people around the world in the very sructure of ur economy.The dollar has fallen nearly 40% percent in last five years,making evreything we own mushless valuable trillions of dollars have been sucked out of oour pocket.. hidden ta that the tripled the cost of gasoline. jews sending all money to israel. jews making organizations policies ,expression religious hatred that fuel terrorim.
    these are some highly questionable motives anon

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