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/sb/ - Tablón Española has been renamed to /int/ - International to bring in more activity.

/sb/ - Tablón Española has been renamed to /int/ - International to bring in more activity.
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North Korea is truly the best! Long live NK!

File: north-korea-is-best-korea(...).jpg (107 KB, 730x537)
107 KB
ITT: We discuss best korea.
I agree
Are you a soldier of North Korea's Cyber Army?
How did you get North Korea's IP address?

File: ATTENTION WM.png (92 KB, 1432x1146)
92 KB
Its an ancient eurasian symbol and is unfairly persecuted. I am but a simple Buddhist monk with a message from our brothers in the Aether and they tell me that the reason that we have so much strife in our life is because we do not properly appreciate swastikas enough, the symbol of well being and good luck. WHich is why we do not have good luck or a well being. Also they tell me that a great evil from their side has infiltrated our world and corrupted many into doing its bidding, to be the arms in the physical world where the mind is not in the physical realm. A principality of Evil if you will.
It is the test of Mankind to overcome this adversary and break out of this prison but we have to do it together

File: E29B0DC7-C4FE-4913-89F6-A(...).jpg (70 KB, 1280x1006)
70 KB
File: EE9B974E-1DC9-42C6-9B06-C(...).jpg (26 KB, 400x300)
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they have very small hat
really goyim

File: 1551647444144.jpg (76 KB, 664x501)
76 KB
>>1 get
my benis says politics is bullshit but hey feel free to express you thoughts here
(i did not make this pic also unrelated)
Kazakhstan greatest country in the world. All other countries are run by little girls.

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