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stay mad brit fag

File: niggers.jpg (1.23 MB, 1930x1282)
1.23 MB
>what an Anarchist society would be like
Here’s a picture of your utopia. now kys
Learn to fucking reply to a thread retard

File: anarchy.jpg (10 KB, 225x300)
10 KB
Can we talk about what an Anarchist society would be like. Going through what day one, two, three and so on would be like for your own country.

also, I am not Canadian. posting form a vpn in the states

File: LET YANG SPEAK.png (1021 KB, 986x1114)
1021 KB
At the second night of the democratic party debates hosted by the slimiest of the mainstream media, NBC, Andrew Yang was only asked 2 questions and only spoke for 2 minutes and 50 seconds. Why? Because he was only allowed to speak for what was by far the shortest time of any candidate.
NBC CUT HIS MICROPHONE at all other times. They made sure Yang wasn't allowed to explain his policies to the masses: THEY CENSORED HIM.
They are afraid of him because his ideas threaten their stranglehold over society. The dirty dirty smear merchants have already decided who they want as the nominee and are doing their best to censor Yang but WE SHALL NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS
#letyangspeak is already trending on Twitter (https://twitter.com/hashtag/LetYangSpeak?src=hash). Everybody knows about NBC's dishonest filthy tactics, and Yang's name is now infront of more normies than could be reached if he wasn't censored at the debate.
https://youtu.be/cX7hni-zGD8?t=4358 (NBC's livestream)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8p73W7iZ5E (cropped version)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3-CevxIuo8 (full post-debate speech)

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I britfag so I dont understand much of this.
File: a22ccb3218e1daa0026c2ecdc(...).jpg (398 KB, 1280x1707)
398 KB
disclaimer: I dont give a fuck about yang, any of the other dems, or trump and any of the other repubs. here is what is happening and will continue to happen:
Blumpf will be reelected.
evidence of this can be seen in the censorship of any "organic" candidates like yang, and I use the term "organic" lightly because I do not know if he or any of the other dem candidates receive contributions from the AIPAC. if they do, like every other president that has served in my lifetime, then their is nothing organic about them. only candidates that are backed by the AIPAC will win, period. Trump is of course backed by the AIPAC which can be seen in his constant jew dick sucking. He has been contained and is no longer a wild card threat to kike interest (if he ever even was), so he will remain president.

Remember when the DNC paid Bernie in 2016 to step aside for hillary? like a boxer, he took a dive. This trend will continue to occur with the current round of dems that are pretending to run for office. The candidates that are not getting censored are controlled opposition working for jewish interest. this is why they are supporting ridiculous positions like free health care for "immigrants" (invaders) and slavery reparations. They are not trying to win, they are trying to lose because they are likely being paid to do so. The candidates like yang are getting censored in order to sideline them, and it will work.

Also, why do you think sites are censoring legitimate conversation about Trump and why do you think the r/donald was deleted? it is not to prevent trump from getting reelected, it is to prevent the members of his base that were most active in getting him elected in 2016 from discussing their unhappiness with the lack of follow through on his campaign promises. the retarded boomers cannot be exposed to these hard truths because then they would not vote for blumpf again.

The (((establishment))) will maintain their status quo and this will be done through the reelection zion don. Of course I am not some sort of mystic who can see the future but I will be very surprised if trump is not reelected.

File: north-korea-is-best-korea(...).jpg (107 KB, 730x537)
107 KB
ITT: We discuss best korea.
I agree
Are you a soldier of North Korea's Cyber Army?
How did you get North Korea's IP address?
well their flag is better
this man needs to be stopped

File: uglyfuck.jpg (65 KB, 450x582)
65 KB
why the fuck are spics so disgusting? can any of the spics here answer that one for me? look at this fucking subhuman. goddamn

File: hqdefault.jpg (14 KB, 480x360)
14 KB
brrroooooooooooooooo KIMJONUNTHICC

File: rdtuygiuk4657 - Copy.png (121 KB, 306x338)
121 KB
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File: 1549692163923.png (345 KB, 771x529)
345 KB
File: c928e92ebf92he.png (712 KB, 1209x682)
712 KB
File: rdtuygiuk4657.png (791 KB, 1210x681)
791 KB
File: 1549691923369.png (162 KB, 355x425)
162 KB

North Korea is truly the best! Long live NK!

File: ATTENTION WM.png (92 KB, 1432x1146)
92 KB
Its an ancient eurasian symbol and is unfairly persecuted. I am but a simple Buddhist monk with a message from our brothers in the Aether and they tell me that the reason that we have so much strife in our life is because we do not properly appreciate swastikas enough, the symbol of well being and good luck. WHich is why we do not have good luck or a well being. Also they tell me that a great evil from their side has infiltrated our world and corrupted many into doing its bidding, to be the arms in the physical world where the mind is not in the physical realm. A principality of Evil if you will.
It is the test of Mankind to overcome this adversary and break out of this prison but we have to do it together

File: E29B0DC7-C4FE-4913-89F6-A(...).jpg (70 KB, 1280x1006)
70 KB
File: EE9B974E-1DC9-42C6-9B06-C(...).jpg (26 KB, 400x300)
26 KB
they have very small hat
really goyim

File: 1551647444144.jpg (76 KB, 664x501)
76 KB
>>1 get
my benis says politics is bullshit but hey feel free to express you thoughts here
(i did not make this pic also unrelated)
Kazakhstan greatest country in the world. All other countries are run by little girls.

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