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WOAH, WE'RE BACK! by The Team - 11/11/2018

Trying to get this site back up and running took a lot longer than I expected... anyway,

We have been hard at work trying to rewrite the entire site, how it looks and what information is shown and also get our once """functional""" software to a place where it can be used publicly. I've made tons of improvements to the software over how it was especially on the admin side.

We have also implemented a brand new experimental feature which is emotes! This is something that I wanted to try out back when I was originally hosting 3chan but I never got around to it.

Please give us as much feedback as possible for this new feature on /3/ and also report any bugs you find to /3/.

Some of you might have noticed that the site has been reset this is for two major reasons.

    1. The site needs a fresh start.

    2. The old database was a mess and also incompatible with the version that I'm using now.

    And finally the amount of boards that we had has also been cut down. /pol/ has not returned since it technically falls under interests and on top of that since /i/ is not a dedicated "Politically Incorrect" board discussion should hopefully be less one sided.

New and returning boards by Yushe - 28/09/2016

Due to an increase in activity I have brought back one of the archived boards (/tech/).

3chan has also gotten it's first trail board (/pol/), thank you to everyone who voted in the poll.

Mass archiving by Yushe - 23/06/2016

I have decided to archive most of the boards on 3chan to bring the site closer together.

In the future when the site is more active I will hold polls to decide what board(s) are brought back, or even a new board entirely.

Also sorry for the lack of news, all I'm going to say is that a big update is on its way.

More Updates by Yushe - 08/12/2015

As usual general bug fixes have been implemented with some bug fixes coming soon.

I have created a new board /pig/ for the users of Pigchan to move to, I have also made rebuilt and ported the piggy pink theme from pigchan.

3chan is now on github for those who are interested in supporting the project: https://github.com/Yushe/3chan

One Year Anniversary by The Team - 08/12/2015

Today is 3chan's 1st birthday! only a few months ago 3chan was just a private testing site for imageboard software and now it is a fully public site.

Whether this anniversary counts or not... Happy Birthday 3chan!

A lot is going on by Yushe - 01/11/2015

I have decided to add a board dedicated to site discussion so (You) the users have a voice.

Anyway what is new so far? /3/ is a new board for site discussion, /co/ has been renamed to /m/ to host not just Comics & Cartoons but it now has Comics, Cartoons, TV and Movies to make the area of discussion more broad. I am also planning on adding a music board (/mu/).

/www/ by Yushe - 25/9/2015

I have introduced a new board to 3chan /www/ it is a board for internet culture, I will be also using it for public testing of the new version of 3chan's software.

I recommend you to test it out on: /www/.

We're back! by Yushe - 5/9/2015

It took a while but we are finally back and with a new and improved imgboard script.

3chan now has more features some of which I'm still trying to fix, so I hope you enjoy all the new features that 3chan has now.