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    File: 65AA0CB6-5646-4F56-AD90-4(...).jpg (223 KB, 1266x900)
    223 KB
    baka waifu <3
    File: 1499362901974.jpg (10 KB, 251x251)
    10 KB
    >tfw this board is already claimed for cirno
    File: 1539068922338.jpg (37 KB, 334x410)
    37 KB
    >in a literally who site
    i will personally donate $1,000 to the owner to ban cirnofaggotry
    another thing, pepe is literally one of the worst memes ever
    File: well meme'd.jpg (141 KB, 803x688)
    141 KB
    He's ok when he's used as a funny reaction image. He's annoying when he's the greentext /r9k/ mascot.
    pepe is overused too much especially on 4chan
    File: 6E95467C-A754-4E8A-AA6B-6(...).jpg (140 KB, 714x1000)
    140 KB
    this is adorable
    File: 1541817988181.jpg (70 KB, 680x395)
    70 KB
    Like all things, it can be overused. A well-placed pepe can very accurately show the relevant emotion, and a spot of the ol' distorted red wojak can add some flavor.
    Probably should focus on creating your own reaction images, though, since both have been beyond overused at this point.
    File: frogposting.jpg (59 KB, 609x609)
    59 KB
    pepe and wojak have been overused so much that they have lost almost all impact they once had
    The problem isn't really pepe itself, it's that he has a literal subculture of autists (possibly from discord) that plan spam attacks on IBs. You go to 4chan and 8chan and you see him getting spammed everywhere. And so ok, then you could say (well then, why don't you complain about anime posting?), well that's bcz ppl who post pepe also try to piss everyone off in the process. Like on the /v/ board of niggertits, when someone starts a thread with pepe, it usually says something like "fuck gamers and fuck jannies". So the frog poster doesn't like video games and he only goes to the /v/ board to try to piss the gamers off. Anime posters don't really do that. They use a lot of anime gifs and reaction images, but they tend to be nicer posters.
    4chan has really outdated rules. I spent twenty minutes on a great reaction gif but can't use it because it's MLP, and they actually enforce that rule. Meanwhile, /pol/ is more troll than not, and every other thread on the website is some form of shit meme or pepe derivative and nothing is done about it. The mods are more focused on what was spam seven years ago than what's spam now.
    no original meme has originated from 4chan in years

    that's probably why
    File: 1533815915423.jpg (42 KB, 625x262)
    42 KB
    Yeah, the place's cultural value is pure momentum at this point. It really is newfags playing at being oldfags, but the strength of the setup and the power of the old culture is making it gently glide towards irrelevancy instead of powerbombing into it like most websites. Mark my words, the memes will get less and less original and creative until it's nothing but rehashes in a new coat of paint (or less). Even now, new ideas are just edits of previous ones for nothing but pure lazyness and lack of imagination.
    Originality is dead. I don’t mean it like people don’t be original anymore, I mean that every idea has been done before, and soon originality will cease to be.
    People who say "originality is dead" neglect to ask how things keep being invented today. The last new idea outside of the natural sciences predates the Roman Empire.
    >>70 I don´t like you
    quote properly next time
    File: cirno ak.jpg (50 KB, 655x368)
    50 KB

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