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    File: 15858430674.jpg (30 KB, 641x103)
    30 KB
    gookmoot is going to kill 4chan
    and that's a good thing!
    who'd wanna whitelist 4chan LOL
    File: nu 4chan without reddit.p(...).png (225 KB, 750x1330)
    225 KB
    Think about the consequences it could have on other IBs though. I don't want 3chan to become a cesspool of le greentext stories and distorted red wojaks.
    Don't worry the moderation here is actually competent
    Good. That website is dead and has been for a while. 4chan might as well redirect to instagram and facebook.
    or redirect it to one of the shitty ad scam things that you get on popups.

    would still make more sense than hiro's moderation

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