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    File: OC - John Celestian.png (88 KB, 1081x498)
    88 KB
    This is John Celestian, he lives in the year 2871. He is a man who popularised the lifestyle of a Celestian (space gypsy).

    The Celestain's will live in spaceships and never live for more than a week on a planet. They have no nationality, no culture, no single place they call home apart from their ships and most Celestians give up their surname and replace it with Celestian.
    Stoner Thoughts.
    Do Celestians shit up every planet they visit with petty crime and piles of burning trash like earth gypsies do?
    Some of them but the 2nd wave and the following waves of Celestians like to park their ships next to these bigger ships called Celestian-Squares. The squares would sell goods and offer work for the Celestians, so they weren’t roaming the galaxy ruining planets and the squares would let Celestians stay for as long as they wanted. There were many of the 3rd and following waves that were born in these newly made societies.

    But with people being people there are always those bound to do shitty things.
    Sound like a bretty comfy life tbh. Wandering the stars looking for planets with a breathable atmosphere, hospitable temperature and no niggers.
    guess so
    File: The Great Sand & Reapal.j(...).jpg (31 KB, 928x500)
    31 KB
    This is The Great Sand, it is the year 2796 (three years before space crafts began to be sold to people on Earth). The Great Sand is found on the at the southern most side of the planet Miyentsa. The desert is known for its large size, blazing hot sun (which does not orbit around the northern most side of Miyentsa and for it's strange inhabitants.

    In The Great Sand there 2 are types of people.
    The Miyent, people who came from either the north or south side of Miyentsa. The Miyent all have similar customs (such as only going to get supplies twice a week) despite them being distanced from one another. Usually they live in big towns with each other but the towns tend to be very spread out across Miyentsa.
    The Uprell, those who came from the eastern part of the desert and are much less technologically advanced than the Miyentsa but they are more friendly towards each other as every Uprell is of the Mutkombok religion and are in general very similar to each other. The Uprell live in four massive cities Urmbast, Metorm, Ulkbom and Metbraw.

    The Person who is depicted in the picture is a Reapal an Uprell who is banished from The Four Cities and must live in The Great Sand because of a crime they had committed. It is written in the Law of Mutkombok that they must be banished for commiting a crime and wear a Muleta.

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