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/rol/ is now known as /bbs/ - Textboard

New feature Country Flags!
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1.89 MB
First post for scatter gats and wonder 9s
are .357 rifles worth it? was thinking it would be a fun plinking gun.
fun is always worth it
you're right, bro
should i get a revolver rifle or a lever?
If you can find a revolving rifle that isn't shit get it, those things are fucking neat.

File: 1529628338432.png (1.68 MB, 1271x960)
1.68 MB
What have you been watching recently?
Pic related.
I recently rewatched kill la kill this time subbed. And yeah ik I'm a terrible animu fan.
I don't mind new anime fans. If you like modern stuff then go watch:
gabriel dropout
kobayashi dragon maid
umaru chan
made in abyss
steins gate

If you're looking for old stuff then go watch:
serial experiments lain
urusei yatsura
legend of the galactic heroes
cowboy bebop
Gunsmith Cats
only three episodes though, they're three good episodes though

240 KB
* Eats too much RAM/CPU on older machines
* Tracking bullshit everywhere
* Every browser is a wannabe Chrome
* Most browsers ARE Chrome
* Firefox likes sucking Chrome's dick constantly
* Opera is Chinese owned and therefore only for idiot commies like the EU (<=12.16 is fine tho)
* Pale Moon would be decent if its devs weren't so fucking childish

Any other reasons?

File: 76.png (76 KB, 655x308)
76 KB
File: mad howard.jpg (121 KB, 1280x1296)
121 KB
who needs characters anyway :^)

File: stan_lee.jpg (185 KB, 1047x1572)
185 KB
rip, i heard about this yesterday... can't comment much more

526 KB
Dammit Ronpaul thread, I guess.
In this thread we talk about why Junko did nothing wrong.

File: 1541972062845.jpg (328 KB, 680x1635)
328 KB
reignited trilogy nerfs female curves and attributes
I'm reminded of the Cammy camera angle tweak from SFV now after SJW's complained about it

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