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/rol/ is now known as /bbs/ - Textboard

New feature Country Flags!

/rol/ is now known as /bbs/ - Textboard

New feature Country Flags!
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This isn't an invasion board if the title didn't already indicate that.

This board is for discussion of anything that interests you be it Video Games, TV & Movies, Politics or Literature.
Anything that is considered an interest can be posted and discussed here so take this opportunity to discuss things that usually don't have a dedicated board.

File: tree elf.png (1.06 MB, 1920x1080)
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Lets have a thread about tabletop. Any of you guys been playing nerd games recently?
I've got a steady game of exalted I've been in for a while
File: b6e.jpg (344 KB, 610x1798)
344 KB
Tabletop's always been something I've wanted to get into, but none of my friends play it these days and every one who used to said that pubbing at the local game store is the worst way to play. I have a Planet Mercenary box coming in though, so I'm hoping I can set something up with that.
I have a bunch of beginner friends who want to get into DnD, so I am DMing a game of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist to get them used to the basics.

I am planing on throwing them into a homebrew when they get the hang of things.

File: KieYdgN.jpg (158 KB, 850x1197)
158 KB

File: mwwfpdB.jpg (491 KB, 750x1075)
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Just make one thread with both pics?
its an obvious mistake also sage it
Why do that when we can bump it forever?

File: french-riots.png (220 KB, 572x357)
220 KB
>>Upwards of 100000 people have joined in the protest
>multiple injured and dead
>Many want Macron to resign and to dissolve the National Assembly.
>Large scale violence and destruction to property

Yellow vest use forklit to destroy toll booth and against cops

A government office has been burned by a molotov

Tax hike suspended after riots
File: 1543156935270.jpg (42 KB, 600x338)
42 KB
viva la revolucion

File: loicense.png (501 KB, 621x815)
501 KB
why do we need a TV licence anyway... -.-
Nobody cares
lol true
File: newfagportal.jpeg (559 KB, 796x1024)
559 KB
the absolute state of bongistan

File: 151898934985.jpg (110 KB, 752x1070)
110 KB
vidya lewds thread
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File: pOMC0TG.png (233 KB, 540x648)
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File: oQh8McW.jpg (485 KB, 2463x3496)
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File: 067d9d2d36ac94d076204cbc1905312f.png (1.65 MB, 2000x2083)
1.65 MB
File: bda10bf83415b0afe2879.png (445 KB, 700x957)
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baka waifu <3
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File: 1533815915423.jpg (42 KB, 625x262)
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Yeah, the place's cultural value is pure momentum at this point. It really is newfags playing at being oldfags, but the strength of the setup and the power of the old culture is making it gently glide towards irrelevancy instead of powerbombing into it like most websites. Mark my words, the memes will get less and less original and creative until it's nothing but rehashes in a new coat of paint (or less). Even now, new ideas are just edits of previous ones for nothing but pure lazyness and lack of imagination.
Originality is dead. I don’t mean it like people don’t be original anymore, I mean that every idea has been done before, and soon originality will cease to be.
People who say "originality is dead" neglect to ask how things keep being invented today. The last new idea outside of the natural sciences predates the Roman Empire.
>>70 I don´t like you
quote properly next time

41 KB
let's talk about music!
i'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4Mc-NYPHaQ

roger taylor looks better than most cis girls. lol

I don't have much interesting to say about music but I am very curious as to what you guys listen to. Anybody here with particularly soulful/jazzy tastes?

File: 15858430674.jpg (30 KB, 641x103)
30 KB
gookmoot is going to kill 4chan
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who'd wanna whitelist 4chan LOL
File: nu 4chan without reddit.png (225 KB, 750x1330)
225 KB
Think about the consequences it could have on other IBs though. I don't want 3chan to become a cesspool of le greentext stories and distorted red wojaks.
Don't worry the moderation here is actually competent
Good. That website is dead and has been for a while. 4chan might as well redirect to instagram and facebook.
or redirect it to one of the shitty ad scam things that you get on popups.

would still make more sense than hiro's moderation

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