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File: aaaaa.jpg (15 KB, 320x220)
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Why is this board full of spanish speaking waifufags now? What the absolute fuck happened
The autistic spicks from hispachan decided to invade this place which caused a bunch of spick posts and also alienated most of the English speaking users.
The hispachan bullshit has ruined everything. 3ch was looking to be perfect. Now every board has random spanish threads talking about nothing and some lame users are starting to show up. Worst part is IIRC mods didn't even ask before they added the spic boards. Maybe it'll get better in a year or so
it looks like hispafags have left now since there hasn't been a post on /sb/ in a few days but i could be wrong
Hahaha trips get bro
hail hispachan
c mamut
c maurnat VVVV
File: 789d749a38e7d330ee6be0b44(...).jpg (11 KB, 261x201)
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