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  • What should we do with /pol/?

    What should we do with /pol/?

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    File: 1.png (93 KB, 916x624)
    93 KB
    fuck 4chin
    >>7600 (OP)
    Did u post outside of /pol/
    yeah but I was banned for "posting racism outside of /b/" there's racist posts outside of /b/ obviously, the jannie was just being a faggot. and the guy I was replying to posted cucked versions of spiderman comics, I don't think a merchant meme was overkill, kek. probably was a fucking jew
    it says for posting on /co/
    and how is le merchant racist?
    File: 1558720159711.jpg (44 KB, 661x451)
    44 KB
    it's hurts the jews feelings
    File: jewish damage control.gif (365 KB, 2000x1153)
    365 KB
    but why would jannies care about kike feelings?
    >>7600 (OP) checkin these dubs
    /b/ro, i got banned for checking trips because the mod didn't like the thread
    fuck jannies
    4chan is dead
    if i were rich would buy the place, bring in a cleaning crew and fire EVERY last fuck working there, i'd have there work records reviewed too and make it known to any of their future employers they were fired for incompetence
    File: nofunon4chan.png (391 KB, 1024x1024)
    391 KB
    I got banned for mass reporting brony shit outside of /mlp/
    jannies are retarded

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