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  • What should we do with /pol/?

    What should we do with /pol/?

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    File: rememberthealamo.png (1.24 MB, 1200x527)
    1.24 MB
    Daily reminder to remember the Alamo.
    Go there, get disappointed.
    >>6933 (OP)
    I´m not counting when you lost the count, or unneccesary in 2 weeks
    >>6933 (OP)
    Hint Screenshots for observers because your map does disapear. Remember you are to slow to fetch the map when you have lost. Then at least you aren´t a full waste of time.

    When you are daily reminding Alamo Screenshots of changes are good Screenshots, like a crossroad gets closed for building problems and there are Screenshots, it is good to have them.
    Alamo has fallen and you are to late and at that time things aren´t usual, but there are no Screenshots. Has the logic that just observing made the reminding uneccesary in 2 weeks.

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