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  • What should we do with /pol/?

    What should we do with /pol/?

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    Lazlow sad it best himself, the majority of women aren't funny and shouldn't be intrugrated to a show because it needs diversity. wouldn't it be better if women and minorities went on to work on their own shit? i mean there's barely many of them in hollywood and half the shit niggers and women shit out are all garbage. take Rick and morty for example, first season and half of 2 were pretty solid. season 3 felt to awkward for me to much, i talking specifically about the amount of incest jokes that season had compared to 1 in the first season. why are female writers so obsessed with incest? not to mention the interracial shit. i'm still off the fact they made a mutt woman fuck a a white man, fuck hollywood with this shit fucking christ!
    cant be bothered giving full opinion on this so

    >>6852 (OP)
    i agree
    season 3 was garbage it made me see how garbage the first two were. totally agree though the new writers' humor was forced at best and there was no real substance at all.

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