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/rol/ - Roleplay and /sb/ - Board Espa˝ola are now live!

/rol/ - Roleplay and /sb/ - Board Espa˝ola are now live!

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i felt like asking ok
this board doesn┬┤t want the discussion you asking for, you can discuss somewhere else, please leave. Leave this board by yourself in general or don┬┤t try for faggotry, you not allowed to be gay here, out of attitude reasons it is not ok.
File: furry=faggot.jpeg (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
Every furry is gay, duh
trips prove it
If this board turns into another fucking furry forum, I am going to be mad.
Fuck my furry boipucci daddy
File: ban gays.jpg (128 KB, 517x655)
128 KB

yummy yummy
Use my dirty mouth daddy
File: 1544995524695.jpg (227 KB, 760x1052)
227 KB
Lol U Mad?

Nah just kidding, that would actually suck. Large groups of furries just make drama and bs
I suspect that the reason why furry image sites are the only reliably good ones are because the amount of stupid bullshit that goes on in the furry community would sink any site which isn't naturally well-designed to start with.
tu madre kek
File: bonbi (3).jpg (49 KB, 720x720)
49 KB
*destruye a furries para 100cienpre de 3chan*
Pshh nada personal

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