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File: universal chair (many do (...).png (912 KB, 2148x1640)
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File: IPsecuredGrandmastyle.png (198 KB, 509x775)
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>>473 you say it is a 404 chair here are some posions /gov/ clearly wouldn´t like to be spread over the internet, there is deadly recipes in that book, it´s 138 pages strong and my guess is that mustard gas is the friendliest of those gifts

now please tell me why is my lifetime on sell, like truly every public moment is planned by who is the person I spent the next quarter hour till full day, I´m not saying all of those clowns I exist my lifetime with are benefiting but at some amount of involvment into planning my lifetime they are benefiting, I don´t understand /gov/ because it is clearly against the law where I am located.

picture is titled
>>488 I do mean before my lifetime was on sell I already hunted CP and did have that book,
I was in mental hospital at look doors psycho,
/gov/ you can´t explain that you didn´t know about the crime of breaking my privacy, there is law and you is /gov/ and you not doing your work,
first do your work, you know who does things against the law, second if you /gov/ don´t mind for law, then why should someone like me or someone other care for the law, when you /gov/ don´t, I do walk around with mental instability and poision and more.

Why in person should I care for the law?
Marked for deletion (old).

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