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File: what the fuck is this.png (568 KB, 457x600)
568 KB
I have have used 4chan, 3chan, and 8chan( really only using 4chan and 3chan ). But I heard of 2chan, who hasn't? It was the cause of 4chan. I heard it was a Japanese run site( though I think it's based in the U.S ), but I figured I could get though.
1. Whats with the little box on the top left conner with hentai flashing in it? Nothing wrong with it, I just don't know why it's there. Is it an add?
2. On the left side there is a QR code, for some reason I can't scan it? It might just be my app but I downloaded a second one and It still didn't work.
3. Can't find the /b/ board.
So with that in mind I continued my adventure. I wanted to find the /b/ board and check what they had on there, but I remembered that I head that moot added the /b/ board when translating 4chan, Maybe 2chan adopted /b/? No I can't find it anywhere. I translated "Random" in to Japanese to see if I could just match it up? It gave me this by the way "ランダム", But I couldn't find it.
I decided to then just randomly click boards and scroll though. Those boards being サッカー, アウトドア, 二次元ID, ソシャゲ, ファッション, and a few more. When going though the different boards I soon realized something. When you click on an image it doesn't increase the size or place it in the top right conner like 4chan and 3chan does. It opens the image up in a new tap.
To end it off I found some pretty weird and funny images. You can go on there your self to find some out-of-context images.
So that ends my time at 2chan.
Will I ever go back?
File: 52d2906939f7458a9dcfaba22(...).png (122 KB, 498x383)
122 KB
2chan has multiple /b/ boards heres a link to one of them
They post a lot of anime and hentai on this one.
Also some of 2chans boards are full of ads in weird places.

Also 3chan and 4chan still have images open in a new tab just disable javascript.
File: 1544879278843.png (237 KB, 500x500)
237 KB

Oh I see. Thanks for the link. Maybe I will go back.
I don't know if this helps or not, but here you go
i didn't realize there was so many japanese image & text boards
I didn't either, but it makes sense considering how many english altchans there are, doesn't it?

I recommend u paste the link on google translate. The English tends 2 not make any sense but u can at least get an idea of what they're talking about. Also note, non-japanese IPs are banned from posting, so ur gonna need a VPN.
File: travel to 2chan.jpg (106 KB, 625x409)
106 KB
This is now a "stuff u found on 2chan" thread
File: 1532540242115.jpg (67 KB, 308x309)
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File: 1532567552939.jpg (14 KB, 300x225)
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File: 1532567552939.jpg (14 KB, 300x225)
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File: ad_creative.ashx.jpeg (59 KB, 728x90)
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File: 1546584064060.jpg (52 KB, 680x488)
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Marked for deletion (old).

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