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/sb/ - Tablón Española has been renamed to /int/ - International to bring in more activity.

/sb/ - Tablón Española has been renamed to /int/ - International to bring in more activity.
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File: 74BE5C87-F189-4BE7-80BF-C(...).png (51 KB, 1200x1200)
51 KB
See how the O is red? Looks like Opera is definitely a communist browser.
File: browser_tan_by_rosel_d-d8(...).png (666 KB, 800x2380)
666 KB
Actually, it's red for redstate. As in, REPUBLICAN! So yes, Opera still best browser.
File: communist party.gif (27 KB, 710x475)
27 KB
its chinese owned now (owned by the fucktards known as qihoo) so lol it is commie browser tbh
so where's TOR?
File: 4chanhacker.gif (1.9 MB, 312x250)
1.9 MB
pic related
File: proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg (20 KB, 474x474)
20 KB

Tor is the world!
Can't argue with this
It's actually the solar system in a sense, though.

If the Internet is Earth, Tor can access outside it?


Otherwise, yes, Opera is for pretend commies. Fuck China and their fake communism, though admittedly, the EU is like China in terms of mass censorship :P
>disable half of the functionality of the internet websites
>browse in 1000x300, in case evil scripts hack the info about what resolution u r using
Responsive design conspires to not just make text huge on phones when it doesn't need to be but also to track us. :P

And also blame devs having wet dreams about JS tracking. Ugh.
Is that a Jojo reference?
Marked for deletion (old).

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