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/sb/ - Tablón Española has been renamed to /int/ - International to bring in more activity.

/sb/ - Tablón Española has been renamed to /int/ - International to bring in more activity.
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File: EPIC MEME 2019.png (591 KB, 613x407)
591 KB
close this website asap please
File: 5039a4bf5fc781bcaf1630c36(...).png (472 KB, 611x1309)
472 KB
Why? It's a nais website. This is a nice thread.
File: 222582EF-7F14-45FD-990A-F(...).jpg (2.12 MB, 4032x3024)
2.12 MB
no, go away and keep sucking Hiroshima's dick faggot
Quite an interesting image you posted there anon... but yeah this is a good IB, IMO. Not really acquainted much with IBs history and the like other than some of the older memes and such (and some of the shit that goes on at 4chan to make as much cash as possible) because of their fast nature but a smaller place I can dip in and out of is nice to have around like this I guess. Makes a change from big places dominating the Internet (socials, major chans and forums, and such stuff).

Plus while it's still generally unknown to the big public we can enjoy it and others have no idea of its existence :p

(Why that image? Who knows, it's just something I have here)
Oh for fuck's sake, meant post ID 1504 to reply to second. I need to proof check things properly in the future lol
lol internet

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