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    File: ee55ee0baa35c6aea026300eb(...).jpg (72 KB, 1024x680)
    72 KB
    Here's some music for you god damn degenerates:
    Please stop self advertising and contribute something of quality.
    File: you colossal faggot.jpg (163 KB, 580x341)
    163 KB
    What the fuck is that image
    Its a guy getting bj from a cow. Just be glad it wasn't gif

    >rip penis
    do cows actually suck dick without biting it off?
    yep, actually ur mom did that to me
    wow brilliant. but seriously will an animal actually just lick on your dick? i always imagined they'd just bite it off
    an animal might think your dick is a teat and start sucking. I've seen people feeding lambs with bottles and they don't bite it
    I once heard a kid tried it with a calf and it bit his tallywhacker right off. He died from blood loss.

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