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    File: 1523452877383.jpg (78 KB, 1060x1441)
    78 KB
    NZ shooter memes
    File: minecraftgunsreallife.png (1024 KB, 1339x823)
    1024 KB
    nice dubs
    Because of retards like this there maybe no chans.
    What do you mean?
    >there maybe no chans.
    no more facebook as well
    well, because of what happened "across the ditch", now people in ausfags can't get 4/8 chans cause govt has blacklisted them

    Untill I find a better chan, I'm happy with this one.
    Though let's face it, our stupid government has been Looking for an excuse to block 4/8 for a long time, a massacre is what it took
    Would be nice if this chan got more posts.
    Give it time, it might happen

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