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    Captcha has been disabled for testing purposes so get to posting while it lasts.
    I might make this permanent again.
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    File: Kokun.jpg (44 KB, 320x313)
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    Please read the following story that happened to me:

    I was watching Dragon Ball in a yaoi porn page (which I will mention later for your delight) called DragonballS.com.mx.ar.zzzz. It was the 122th time I masturbated when they stopped having sex. I already shit myself because it was a page of excellent gay content, but I inserted my finger into my anus to satisfy me because the video no longer worked. What happened in that episode made me came; it had nothing to do with the last episode " THE ASSHOLE RAPIST OF GOKU". It was incredibly hot and homosexual:
    Goku was having sex with Vegeta but in a more violent, bloody way and not the Goku´s Way. Goku didn´t stop raping Vegeta neither for a moment and I could see cum flying in the air. After that, Goku put a pipe in Vegeta´s anus. Vegeta had a look of fear as if he was saying "Please stop raping me for everything you want" but Goku looked angry (diabolically) , he went to rape him, and Vegeta didn't avoid it, he was being brutally raped. Goku takes Vegeta by the ass (which was somewhat common to throw them to the air) but what happened next was shocking: Goku manages to rip his dick way too realistic as was the usual way. Vegeta was left bleeding on the ground of the planet Bikini Bottom (where he was fighting with Squidward ) and a terrified Vegeta begs to Goku to stop raping him, but it was useless; Goku looked brainwashed for listening shitty dubstep and then he throws down the dick of Vegeta, and starts screaming like a pig.

    His hair turns into a sperm-like color, just like his eyes. He screamed louder and louder, so much that I shit in my pants. Vegeta was surprised and horny, and I thought he was because Goku used to behave that way. Indeed, Goku started transforming but not into a Super Fag, but into another more shocking thing: Goku begins to rip off his own cock. After he finished poking and scratching his balls he slipped on a banana peel that was there and falls into a tailspin towards Vegeta, who tries to escape but fails and Goku breaks his penis. His testicles came out of his body and then Goku grabs him from the neck and rips a piece of crap out of him, after that, he elevates him; a light of the sea opens and BlaCkthulhu appears. Goku takes him and the episode ends. After that, the credits began, but the credits were not the ones I used to see , this time I only saw Vegeta face all stained with cum, injured in the ass, and really big poop images appeared to be the same credits with porn music of the 80s, but ... Akira Toriyama appeared on all of the credits, and, apparently, he had made that episode.

    Please explain the meaning of this.
    >>6426 (OP)

    I have implemented the post count from our previous /b/ onto this one.
    >>6310 (OP)
    you git rid of all the shit
    This post number has been edited right? Last time I checked their only about two and a half thousand posts.
    Your correct.
    you're correct
    learn to spell nigger

    File: 1548955054027.png (507 KB, 1920x1080)
    507 KB
    Hail the potato god
    File: fjgj.JPG (12 KB, 140x155)
    12 KB
    you got one bit right
    >>6402 (OP)
    fake and gay

    File: urafaget.jpg (132 KB, 600x600)
    132 KB
    I guess it's time to fill the catalog with crap again.

    >>6374 (OP)
    contribute to the ass megathread
    ass is for niggers
    true man like flat chests
    File: 14895ad79740821fcdfa1971d(...).png (2.08 MB, 2508x3541)
    2.08 MB

    File: 1556162394886.jpg (39 KB, 500x589)
    39 KB
    and then lead her to her transformation form stud to bitch
    >>6348 (OP)
    >female pajeet

    File: 155658987315.jpg (61 KB, 500x500)
    61 KB
    File: ed9c18da61fd543c72a0afe73(...).png (194 KB, 1024x768)
    194 KB
    milhouse is not maymay xdddddddd

    File: haruhe.gif (32 KB, 217x247)
    32 KB
    Newfags can't
    ▲ ▲
    File: IPsecuredGrandmastyle.png (198 KB, 509x775)
    198 KB

    File: CS-TRHqWIAAR9Td.jpg (87 KB, 800x615)
    87 KB
    i took da quad and theyll never know

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