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The poll is over, /cuteboys/ won the poll with 27 votes, /l/ with 24 and /tech/ with 21.
/cuteboys/ is open for posting right now.

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File: 3EA4B481-4F18-450C-B661-3(...).png (203 KB, 540x720)
203 KB
whats your fetish /b/?
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huge gaping cunts, huge insertions, pussy pumping
File: anusporn 2018.png (102 KB, 1209x549)
102 KB
That's interesting. My fetish is related: I have an aesthetic anus fetish, although I'm not interested in my own anus nor any other male's. Rather, as a heterosexual guy, I'm interested young women's poopers. I find ones that approach the anatomical ideal (and are clean & shaved) to be the most arousing. I try to focus mostly on pornstars because I can keep track of what they did and did not do throughout a pornography stint plus check to ensure that a woman's anus remained consistently pretty throughout.

Sadly, anorectal abuse is rampant, popular, and commonly tolerated when it most certainly should not be any of those. Since it often mutilates a receptive person's anus (which is of course less significant than the health implications), my choices are rather limited. I've essentially been forced into nofap due to a dearth of new material.

File: champ.png (508 KB, 958x598)
508 KB
me the man on his knees

i try to no hands fap, I make myself use a vbartiy things, the latest being rubbing my clothed groin on the elevator internal walls .. the issue here is I need a 'kerchief on the tip of my cock as I do it, or I splatter inside my shorts and that's a sin as we all know, as I can wipe the excess jizz from the 'kerchief onto the elevator buttons and Jesus has to be okay with that, rather then let my god seed be wasted,.

The other thing I like to do is jack off over the seat in the disabled toilets, this I hope leads them to experience my jizz on the seat of as they sit on it, a fleeting moment of pleasure for them to sit in my jizz in their otherwise mongoloid existence.
Fucking your mudda

File: 200k Coronachan.png (277 KB, 797x1024)
277 KB
Your fortune: Excellent Luck

coronachan thread
post all the images you have in your folder
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File: 1586181602404.png (711 KB, 797x1024)
711 KB
File: 1586652973683.png (703 KB, 797x1024)
703 KB
what is she pregnant with?
immunity to vaccines and steroids
File: 1587021718712.jpg (669 KB, 1200x1200)
669 KB
immunity to asteroids and stinky feet

File: 00sVS2019.jpg (260 KB, 2048x833)
260 KB
you know its true
prove me wrong
good bread

File: 508ysdf80sh.jpg (146 KB, 1600x1201)
146 KB
In my opinion 3chan has been too horny lately.
So this thread is for everything non-horny.
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Kind of reading that foreplay in it´s not sexual way by what the threat says, because your virginity wasn´t bought
I'm sorry, but did Bernie already lose? Oh, that's right. The election isn't even over yet. In fact, it's only Super Tuesday. Sanders is one of the best fucking senators in congress, he went 13-3 last year and would have won the 2016 nomination if the voting wasn't rigged. Maybe you should shut the fuck up before you make retarded topics like this. You know why? Because you're going to be embarrassed when Sanders wins. Are you a fucking drunk? Are you retarded? Are you autistic? You are a fucking idiot and you should never make a topic on this sub again and I'm fucking serious. I almost have a feeling you're the only guy making all these anti-Sanders topics because you're a faggot hater who doesn't like him because he's good. Fuck you, be good at something in YOUR life and then maybe try to troll, like I give a fuck. It's so easy to spot out your threads now, you're a retard. Always doing stupid shit like this. Why don't you try to be a good poster? Just for once? For once in your fucking life try not to make a topic like this. That's just you, you're always right at getting it wrong. Fuck you. You are nothing.
File: __akaza_akari_and_akaza_a(...).jpg (1.36 MB, 1500x1400)
1.36 MB
Sanders is a Jewish Communist.
Trump is a honorary Jewish Zionist
Biden is a Senile Satanist
File: 2020-03-03 16_04_27.png (361 KB, 341x440)
361 KB
>>7727 (OP)
So this thread is for everything non-horny.
are you trying to edge yourself OP ?

File: michelangelo-david-close-(...).jpg (162 KB, 880x1321)
162 KB
Can we see more these from anons. I don't think it's gay but we can fight rampant body dysphoria by commenting on how nice they look ... what say you anons?
wouldn't this be similar to
>>8237 (OP)
Similar ? No, I can;t see how, after all the post you linked too is gay, this post isn't.
File: i went on duckduckgo to f(...).jpg (48 KB, 638x576)
48 KB

OP is voluntarily subjecting himself to the sight of a cock to appreciate it, and even going out of his way to make a post, requesting to see cock.

OP is gay
but I am not gay. Do you know see the occasional good looking dude and say handsome guy ? does that make you gay ?

I mean we look at a nice cock and say , lucky guy, that's a nice cock.. and we help anons with their feelings of inadequacy, assuming they have a nice cock of course, which we won't know until they post a photo for us to rate !

File: chinesetv.jpg (260 KB, 1122x1408)
260 KB
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Americans scream tyranny is wonderful, but Americans are unable to explain why Cubans try to escape even though Cuba has gun control and free medical care.
I used to go to changolia a lot. It was a fun place. Haven't been there in a while.
File: swift286.jpg (89 KB, 565x819)
89 KB
Tor site is down, or at least I got some weird error. And 2hu-ch has just a page with some video...
oh nice

File: 6822010F-A116-4D74-81A2-7(...).jpg (158 KB, 1472x1452)
158 KB
>tfw no bf
The mirror is always there.
File: 1568271888811.jpg (902 KB, 3264x2448)
902 KB
>tfw no gf

File: IMG_20200406_200212.jpg (245 KB, 1455x1936)
245 KB
>meet up with crazy Brazilian bitch for hook-up from tinder
>we both get drunk and get naked
>feels my butt up and holds me from behind
>she ties me up on bed using BDSM kit
>ties me on bed ass facing upwards with blind fold and gag in mouth
>starts spanking me and pinching nipples
>grabs dick and jerks me off a little
>starts spanking more and starts to hurt a lil so I tell her a muffled "pls stop pls stop"
>she says okay and slowly runs fingers on back
>starts slowly driving fingers on hips making me giggle

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Stopped reading there.
>>9368 (OP)
I simply do not believe you anon

File: 8Kunt-Disability.jpg (343 KB, 1896x1270)
343 KB
fuck 8shit
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Here's some advice for all to clarify what I meant when I say Tyler
Akackbar shit: I'm wet as dog so I created an after breakfast mint
(yes its lame but keep feltching) I bought all black trash bags and
a black leather butplug. I set up a egg timer on a new stove I came
up with, something rancid but it has to be fertilized and also no
smegma bullshit.

My bio "No fat niggers, ugly niggers don't bother"
with some pics of me jerking off into the bottle and smoking salvia.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
8kun makes me sad, with that stupid disclaimer below every post. Either you stand behind your imageboard with your life or you let it die. 8kun is a fate worse than death.
>>9356 (OP)
as the jewish describtion 16 could lead you to belive that it had been said double 8 kind of combine 8kun and 8chan but it has a other meaning it is political and says that in a ship of 6 witnesses who one of them is guilty and there is no evidence to get the facts straight,
in the closed public field of a crew of 6, were they need to figure it out for the public judgment the jew who had been it but blamed someone other just keeps one his jewish strategy, at jewish strategy it is to much to guess, but basically the jew tells you to stay shut up with just as much knowlege the sun has too, and that jewish wins, so take another deep breath and sunface the situation
This whole thread gave me down syndrome.

File: Screenshot 2020-04-03 at (...).png (49 KB, 630x466)
49 KB
I found dis shiettttt
sup fagsss LUL LUL LUL
File: 5.jpg (54 KB, 640x512)
54 KB
by skin it is a white skin
but that´s how my ribs are created
veri nice
Is he going to rape that chicken?
niggers do what niggers do - thats a niggers thing
famer blames nigger and rapes nigger but the KKK can´t know, so there was no accident and happy thanks giving we have enough food for the fest and next 2 month

File: 1.PNG (66 KB, 649x327)
66 KB
charlies angels for gamecube is currently the worst rated gamecube game on metacritic, and thats just sad
how high of a rating can we get for it?
step 1) make a disposable email at a website like cock.li (10 minute mail websites are all blocked)
step 2) make account at metacritic
step 3) go to https://www.metacritic.com/game/gamecube/charlies-angels and click 10 on the bar
step 4) repeat steps 1 through 3
step 5) post screenshots of score when ur done
File: 2.PNG (66 KB, 649x311)
66 KB
ill do more later
Nobody cares about gamecube. Get with the times old man.

File: haruhe.gif (32 KB, 217x247)
32 KB
Newfags can't
▲ ▲
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1585163646235.png (316 KB, 829x451)
316 KB
can u even cubeforce?
File: 155194071654s.jpg (12 KB, 213x250)
12 KB
facil,ór cierto soy nuevo :3
▲ ▲
Can confirm

▲ ▲
¡Enhorabuena! :D

File: 1583447275724.jpg (968 KB, 1920x2880)
968 KB
Shit chan tbh.
So you would rather post on another unoriginal chan using lynxchan?
File deleted.
File: cunny thread destroyer 00(...).jpg (152 KB, 670x1000)
152 KB
Open gang represent
>>8254 (OP)
I would make the baby with her, yes
when ur waipoo is the baby

File: download.jpeg (6 KB, 178x184)
6 KB
My school hasn't blocked this yet
8 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 0c2481649e37c5cf07f31af28(...).gif (3.56 MB, 382x382)
3.56 MB
>>8190 (OP)
Hey, have all your friends from school visit. We need young blood nya~
hurrdururhrur im older than 12 hurrdurhur so cool lets call out 12yo's haha xD lol wow cool swag YOLO!!!

pls kill yourself
File: 61iwElTo6ML.jpg (99 KB, 1051x1360)
99 KB
Chan's and school font mix just >>finding prob
>not dropping out
GTFO stupid shithead brat.

File: E.C.M. 2 extract.jpg (151 KB, 1600x1200)
151 KB
Greetings gentlemen. I have compiled all Ugoku E.C.M. content in a 7zip file.

Link to download from MEGA.NZ: (in the photo)



File: f.png (873 KB, 1280x960)
873 KB
>>9359 (OP)
Download at your own risk.
Don't be retarded

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