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    Hey there /b/, so has anyone ever had these feelings. Where you look and a tplace in a town or something and you have a sensation just seeing the setting. Also does anyone have memories that they've randomly remembered, but the more they think about the more unreal they seem. For example i have this 'memory' where i am around 3 or 4 y/o and i'm with my mom in a shop looking for clothes. However whenever i remember it i'm always in the third dimension, but that's not the point, the point is that in that memory the setting feels weird, abstract and vague in a vaporwave kind of way. Anyway the reason i've been thinking of all this shit is because i was stoned and it was a very warm day and it was last period on a friday. So i was sitting there the high wasn't exactly great but its, it's wierdness/shittines that makes it good. So near the end of the high, in maths last period, friday, i was sitting and i caught sight of this grill. I've never spoke to her but i have known who she was for a while now, she's not a stacy but is quite hot, like she's nearly fucking half the size of me and she still has this absolutely on-point ass. Anyway i was looking at her while stoned and it is boiling and the teachers talking about some dumb maths shit and i just notice the grill make a face a couple. The faces look like they should be faces of embarrassment, the way they were shaped, but they weren't she hasn't said anything or done anythjing for the past 15 minutes. Back to the point the faces i think were just when you have a sudden urge to make a face and try to get into a position where no one can see you, unluckily for her i seen her. But the faces weren't these ugly abominations that you wouldn't want anyone to see, they were in their own way beautiful. The way her face looked was embarrassed more like cringe and then this strange feeling hit me. I blanked out everything else and just imagined myself in a room like the one i was in with us both stiil at other sides of the room with the heat still there and i just imagined us in the classroom with nothing else. But no one was talking (there was telepathy-ish for 5 seconds) the room was empty completely, with no words being said just us sitting there. This is quite dumb but for some reason(probably the me being stoned) this 5 or 10 minutes of class stood out so much. The other stuff i was talking about earlier on in the thread ties in with this story sort of because of the atmosphere. I like setting atmosphere's and settings for example listening to music with somewhat specific conditions. But i like looking at industrial estates when it's warm and empty and the sun has a vague and not fully up in the sky feel to it like in the morning but not too early in the morning more like 11am sun in an industrial estate or the outskirts or just near some houses, it in my opinion creates some kind of atmosphere.

    Your fortune: Godly Luck

    If you get a bad fortune or dubs post ass

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    America is the greatest country in the planet and here is why:
    you can thank disney and ealy 20th century american cartoons to help lead the creation of animebig cartoony expresive eyes, come on the japs stole that from american cartoons

    Video games is an american creation that the japs are beating our asses with but never forget it originated in the good 'ol USA

    super hero comics are also another american creation

    everything that you nerds love all originated in America so all the other countries including Japan can stop sucking us and go create something original you fucking leechers
    >>6606 (OP)
    >America is the greatest country in the planet
    what about all the mass shootings?
    File: whodareswins.png (601 KB, 1313x775)
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    They're what makes America great.
    enjoy getting shot then
    >you nerds love
    obviously normie therefore their words have no value

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    File: m11b1yvcyaak_t.jpg (7 KB, 200x151)
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    Use the ass mega thread

    File: great_diving_beetle.jpg (13 KB, 216x192)
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    I fapped watching insect porn (literally)
    File: insex.jpg (117 KB, 960x640)
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    We've all been there, mang.
    >>6420 (OP)
    let me guess, you fapped to that parasite game with the blonde huh? we've all been there anon
    wtf am i reading..

    File: kkkmm.png (960 KB, 1080x738)
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    8Chan a hilarious freak show.
    File: 3apm15.jpg (78 KB, 683x365)
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    All the pornographic advertising kills this board it feels like pervert central.
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    >>6524 (OP)
    Have to pay the bills somehow.
    If you have a better idea or pay to change the ads, that would be great.
    File: 82cfb5619c214992f352009b5(...).jpg (53 KB, 500x590)
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    No substance just perverted garbage.
    File: 1567663999957.jpg (130 KB, 960x1280)
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    File: 2C44B7A1-85F1-49CB-B978-5(...).png (261 KB, 700x910)
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    >>6524 (OP)
    >expecting there to be no porn on /b/
    what is wrong with you?
    File: Uncle Joe.jpg (50 KB, 500x474)
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    Perverted La La Land...

    File: 4A8574C3-8AA7-4F3F-8684-9(...).jpg (335 KB, 1080x1920)
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    Anymore of her?

    File: 1568224777164.png (4 KB, 205x246)
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    tfw theres a little pee or cummies in your pphole and it wont cum out so it just tingles

    i want to be a banner, can i be a banner plz??? :DDDDDDDDDDDD

    File: 17269338-0-Epstein_was_fo(...).png (135 KB, 306x316)
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    Shitlord Central Trailer Park.

    File: 973a458f48c6ee844e757ee3b(...).gif (592 KB, 500x700)
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    File: 6bb2b18ea82037034db2e6b0a(...).png (1.36 MB, 1920x1080)
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    File: 1567972551859.png (622 KB, 1100x1069)
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    >>6518 (OP)
    what is it that attracts you to furries? I've never understood the appeal, and i have gave them a shot to see what they're all about but just can't get into it.

    Remember the Battle of the Alamo and the Goliad Massacre.
    Remember the 6 gorillion, goyim
    remember the 5th of november, when guy fawkes wanted to kill numbers of human and goverment didn´t care, till random didn´t like
    remember pearl harbor, /pol/ harbor and ann arbor.
    remember to flush
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