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/z/ mod applications are ending soon!

I need feedback on this new feature that could be exclusive to 3chan click here for me info.

/z/ mod applications are ending soon!

I need feedback on this new feature that could be exclusive to 3chan click here for me info.
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File: TASTE.png (51 KB, 380x300)
51 KB
Attention, Canada Dry has officially become a proud sponsor of our site. It is now your dutiful task as a user to drink up :^)
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real men drink sugared drinks and not aspartame filled bullshit

unlike what Teresa May wants
I can't tell if this is legit or just some next level shitposting.
Real men drink Vernors.
Why are my posts not showing faggot.
Should be fixed now.

File: med nord poster.jpg (100 KB, 563x848)
100 KB
Let's imagine a world where whites (French, Germs, Scandi and Anglos) as a civilization would be without appropriating culture, technology and riches from other people's.

Which means:
No contact with the Roman Republic/Empire and China
No crusades
No Judeo-Christian religions
No discovery of the new world
No colonization of Africa
No establishments of chiefdom beyond Germania Magna (No Italian, French, Iberian and African dynasties).
Celts still populate most of Europe in this timeline

Also remember that whites before contact with Rome had no literature or construction capabilities beyond wooden buildings. They did have Bronze Age weapons, though. Starting year: 200 B.C. (before first Roman interventions in Gaul because they wouldn't stop killing each other).

File: 1537520007180.jpg (73 KB, 807x676)
73 KB
Yeah, it's quite cozy
Wait, what?

File: 324y8yvhf.jpg (21 KB, 207x442)
21 KB

File: 1365015241630.gif (534 KB, 250x144)
534 KB
itt we post weird shit
weird shit
shit weird

                    __ ..... ___ .. -‐――-- .
            ,.  ' ´       `ヽ             `丶、
           ,. '´              :                丶.
       /                :                \
      /                     :.                  ヽ
    /                  ::.                ',
    ,'                     :i!:                     ',
    ,'                       :i                   i
   .!                     ハ .                i
   i                      ; i. .                    |
   |                        ,'  |  ',.. ' ´            |
  ,.!                  ` 、:   i!  |                   !
 ,f´|                      ;   '__..ノ.              i
 { /!                     /`¨´   ,i                   i
 / ;                    / __....  ,/ ',                 i
./ !                 /-‐‐ '' ´\   ',                  |
  .!                , '        \ ',             |
  !                   , '             ヽ.',              |
 .!              /                 ヘ           |
 |               , '                 ',           !

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File: -Monster-Size-Dicks-2.jpg (46 KB, 708x1024)
46 KB
yer askin' fer it

23 KB
Dubs decide which IB we raid.
how about this failclone https://3chan.io
I vote for this as well. Someone set a date. I choose we do it on Sunday, but anyone is free to suggest another date.
Only issue they archived there site but we can do it once they make "3chan.io 2.0" which will be more failpepe trash
File: 1541994441863.jpg (23 KB, 400x400)
23 KB
3chan doesn't have enough traffic to conduct raids.
once 4chan dies (let's face it, it'll never happen, alphabets love the place) then there might be enough people here.
File: 1536580012075.jpg (93 KB, 498x556)
93 KB
It's becoming more and more probable that 4chan will shut down. 4chan recently split into 2 separate websites so one of them could get ad funding for being "sfw" but no respectable ad firm would think to advertise on 4chan. Regardless, the sfw part of 4chan is still too much for ad firms so I'm pretty sure 4chan is gonna shut down. If they don't shut down due to no ad funding, they'd shut down for drastic changes if they were to sell it to a new owner that could screw up 4chan. We wouldn't lose anything of value anyways if 4chan were to shut down, it's been dead since 2015.

File: umaru39.jpg (126 KB, 2026x1137)
126 KB
Why won't you guys pay attention to /z/? Please come over so I can feel better about myself.
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if 8chan kept deleting stale boards that haven't been used at all or had been dead for ages it wouldn't have this issue
I'm actually making two new stylesheets, one which is gradient with a material style design, and a mild one with some simple colors.
>material design
pls no
I probably will leave that one as an option but have the milder one be the main one.

sounds good

File: Screenshot_20181117-024939.png (390 KB, 1080x2160)
390 KB
what is this?
Parts for an AR
3chan /k/ fucking when

File: 1534878764402.jpg (131 KB, 1024x755)
131 KB
Happy Turkey day /b/! So to all 5 of you, hope you enjoyed your day of feast and here's hoping this place takes off after 4chan's split.
Where is my internets I have a full sheet of style, gore and more.
File: 8yyc9vkturj01.png (1.57 MB, 1242x1218)
1.57 MB
that is a fine feast you've got there
heh i dont celebrate thanksgiving
File: 2783145.png (150 KB, 302x302)
150 KB
do people actually serve kids that stuff?
just give them an MRE while you're at it

File: Moltar.jpg (10 KB, 272x251)
10 KB
hello there

File: wry.png (57 KB, 642x642)
57 KB
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it's amazing how 7chan is still up after all these years

Even more amazing is that it still feels like a real IB from the 2000s.
wait but i already posted that

Sorry my bad but Sir I haven´t meant to take your idea. I hope you can forgive.
its fine lol

also this feels like a nice IB too, with a promising future ahead of it. just don't overpromote it to stupid twats who can't use an imageboard properly and it should be fine...

File: FUCK YOU GOOKMOOT.png (18 KB, 300x309)
18 KB
Gookmoot is about to fuck up the site greatly, and I just want to say hello
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File: 4channel.png (64 KB, 839x543)
64 KB
No one cares. Niggertits died years ago. 2011 was the beginning of the end. 2016 put the nail in the coffin.
File: Gine.jpg (51 KB, 162x281)
51 KB
This place is really active. Where the hell is everybody coming from?
File: 287594841.jpg (70 KB, 810x780)
70 KB
Dunno but I appreciate the activity here.

File: 1538775185781-1.png (7 KB, 358x246)
7 KB
lol, lolis
You would only last 6! minutes with my Lady.

File: images.jpeg (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
Make her 3chan's kwaii mascot.
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File: images.jpeg (9 KB, 187x269)
9 KB
K wa I ii
File: giphy.gif (1016 KB, 500x270)
1016 KB
11 KB
post higher quality kwaii images
I approve

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