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/sb/ - Tablón Española has been renamed to /int/ - International to bring in more activity.

/sb/ - Tablón Española has been renamed to /int/ - International to bring in more activity.
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File deleted.
the game

File: lolihandjobxrock.png (12 KB, 87x157)
12 KB
Why is it so difficult for the people I talk to in real life to grasp the concept that loli hentai is not actual CP? One of my friends makes it a point to tell me to turn myself in every time he sees me just because he decided to turn on my old laptop and he found some loli hentai from like 7 years ago. Can these autists not tell the difference between a real child and a fucking JPG file?
i wouldn't say it's pedophilia, because it kind of isn't

but it also mean ur a pedo
This event never took place I just wanted the get.
Because normalfags have it implanted in their brain that anything related to kids is taboo. It's like they don't understand that real CP is illegal because its damaging to the kids who end up in those pictures. Drawings take away the damaging part of it, and, as many people have already pointed out, people who like lolis only like 2d, not 3d! But you know, normalfags will never understand this.



File: IndianInSpace.png (394 KB, 1024x871)
394 KB
They have designated shitting planets from what I know.

File: 1510518653462.png (91 KB, 500x500)
91 KB
This is nice thread be nice in this thread!

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fuck off op
don't bump this faggot
loli con is pedo file
namefag get out

File: blackdawncover.png (348 KB, 1024x1024)
348 KB
I've finished this album just today.


I'm proud to present this musical album to you, /pol/.

Feel free to distribute it as widely as you wish. All of those upload URLs lead to the same 7zip file; it's just there for redundancy. Listen once, listen twice, enjoy for your entire life.

I hope you like it.
File: 1542237174182.jpg (8 KB, 320x320)
8 KB
uhm your being a b it r asicts

File: image.jpg (91 KB, 720x960)
91 KB
look! I can post here
no you can't
It's a good thing
File: 1-13.gif (1.26 MB, 429x600)
1.26 MB
Run away now !!!

File: 1541140001440.jpg (72 KB, 1080x1350)
72 KB
ass > tits
prove me wrong
pro tip: you can't
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File: can.jpg (86 KB, 1300x1300)
86 KB
it´s a can
I wouldn't mind being farted on by a girl with a cute ass <3
File: IMG_9759.jpg (260 KB, 1288x966)
260 KB
Stop posting named pictures of your sister.
Marked for deletion (old).

File: 1523452877383.jpg (78 KB, 1060x1441)
78 KB
NZ shooter memes
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>there maybe no chans.
no more facebook as well
well, because of what happened "across the ditch", now people in ausfags can't get 4/8 chans cause govt has blacklisted them

Untill I find a better chan, I'm happy with this one.
Though let's face it, our stupid government has been Looking for an excuse to block 4/8 for a long time, a massacre is what it took
Would be nice if this chan got more posts.
Give it time, it might happen

File: IMG_9755.jpg (460 KB, 1288x966)
460 KB
You know my other girls. Sandy is my new one and she sucks my dick as hell. I didn't ask for the pics. This little slut
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File: IMG_9765.jpg (333 KB, 1288x966)
333 KB
File: IMG_9767.jpg (334 KB, 966x1288)
334 KB
File: IMG_9803.jpg (345 KB, 1200x1599)
345 KB
File: IMG_9805.jpg (334 KB, 1200x1599)
334 KB
On this picture your "gurlfren" has a male genitalia, but on the other she has a female genitalia, please explain this anon, I am ver confuse.

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