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    I might make this permanent again.

    Captcha has been disabled for testing purposes so get to posting while it lasts.
    I might make this permanent again.
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    File: nofacechu.jpg (11 KB, 712x418)
    11 KB
    draw a face for pikachu
    you know what to do
    2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
    File: pikadeadendjob.jpg (50 KB, 712x418)
    50 KB
    File: pich.jpg (36 KB, 712x418)
    36 KB
    File: pikanazi.jpg (68 KB, 714x420)
    68 KB
    File: 1569454362601.jpg (42 KB, 712x418)
    42 KB
    File: 1569454362601.jpg (38 KB, 712x418)
    38 KB

    File: 1569992691203.jpg (255 KB, 927x927)
    255 KB
    The British prime minister looks like this
    File: donneat.png (205 KB, 388x476)
    205 KB

    File: 1375745231528.jpg (470 KB, 1920x1080)
    470 KB
    Any traps on /b/ ??

    File: 510F6D38-EF37-49D0-B64E-6(...).png (317 KB, 952x717)
    317 KB
    >>6803 (OP)
    shut up faggot
    File: eybfgzsmmfa11.jpg (14 KB, 306x306)
    14 KB
    the left can't meme

    File: 1569959228601.jpg (428 KB, 1750x2500)
    428 KB
    milhouse is meme now

    File: snek.jpg (307 KB, 1280x854)
    307 KB
    snek is also banana
    File: 1507207954113.jpg (25 KB, 480x336)
    25 KB
    banane is also birb
    >>6736 (OP)
    what is this madness!!!!
    File: snekbirb.jpg (37 KB, 613x371)
    37 KB
    birb is also snek
    is this chan snek?

    3 KB
    is it just me or is there something wrong here?
    File: pagesarefine.png (73 KB, 651x273)
    73 KB
    looks fine to me
    >>6751 (OP)

    File: when yo boi has the fing.(...).png (756 KB, 730x850)
    756 KB
    stop your faggotry i said cease
    no u
    solid proof that more than 3 people post on 3chan

    File: AnimuThinku.png (107 KB, 400x400)
    107 KB
    is it called 3chan because only 3 people use it?
    not this shit again

    File: 40127502435.gif (951 KB, 500x384)
    951 KB
    I'm not sure how I feel about the tor logo appearing on my posts
    What do you /b/ros think?
    It's a form of persistent identity and has no place on an imageboard.
    please remove this stupid shit

    Your fortune: Excellent Luck

    >>1 (OP)
    i got first post :DD

    File: db86d1e55f04ed69f9fb79e7e(...).jpg (288 KB, 1280x720)
    288 KB
    >be European fag in 18th century
    >raid African village and capture whatever number of nigresses
    >bring them to your home for labour work
    >be horny from watching chocolate people work
    >impregnate many of the female slaves
    >bare the burden of having to be the father of many mixed devils
    >enter modern day Europe
    >niggers and mixed niggers rome around normally
    >half (insert euro country here) football/soccer team is nigger filled
    >R.I.P Europe.jpg

    Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
    eurofags will forever be known as the euroniggers
    americans will be known as obeseniggers.
    >>6654 (OP)
    Niggers not naitve France, well no increasement would be best but
    Niggers > France
    File: jewfantasy.jpg (95 KB, 600x289)
    95 KB
    >>6654 (OP)
    still posting your kosher erotic fiction, eh chaim?
    I know what you really like
    >pic related

    5 KB
    Stop the phonefags they only shitpost/porndump.
    Sage the phonefags.
    fuck phonefags
    quads of truth

    File: 1553444198327s.jpg (3 KB, 125x83)
    3 KB
    Humiliation / Degradation / Brutal WWYD thread
    >he saved the thumbnail

    File: 1556096457540.jpg (212 KB, 800x515)
    212 KB
    im gonna fuck this duck lol
    iOS in a nutshell

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