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    File: 1570846083768.png (696 KB, 1968x1306)
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    File: 1539994590308 (3).webm (2.29 MB)
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    <rekt thread>
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    File: 1552128361327.png (108 KB, 396x385)
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    Have you ever broken the law?
    The boomers burned the future. Gen y here. Boomers disgust me.
    kill boomers then

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    File: 26.jpg (69 KB, 622x600)
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    File: 39f6bc899db2ad2e01a10706d(...).jpg (41 KB, 500x722)
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    u mad brown boy?

    5.03 MB
    fucked thing i did
    mudslimes getting fucked two times XDD

    get rid of ads between threads it looks like shit
    What ads?

    can some anon bump please
    i need more lolis
    bump please

    File: Capture.JPG (23 KB, 647x113)
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    apperantly genz is the longest gen ever consisting of a 20 year gap. when gen y is from 1981 to 1996 which is a 15 year gap. none of this makes sense generations should be a decade apart not fucking 2. you really think someone born in 1999 lived in the same world as someone born in 2015? in my world that child could have been the zoomers offspring. genY should just be anyone born in 1981 to 1991 and genZ from 1992 to 2002
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    tfw half the posters learn that they're technically all zoomers
    where the fuck did you read that? gen z is only 2000-2010 after 2010 there's gen t (touch)
    i thought it was gen alpha? if any shotas here are in that generation, claim that alpha status before they try to label you all trannies.
    The Baby Boomer generation is going to be remembered as the most easily corrupted, self-important, and short-sighted generation in human history. They inherited America, and the world, from “The Greatest Generation” when it was at the height of greatness, and in the last 40 years have set us all on an inescapable course towards potential oblivion. They exploded the cost of living, exploded the cost of education, exploded the cost of healthcare, deregulated banking and tanked the global economy (and are about to do it again), cut corporate taxes over and over without ever raising them back to the rates when America was Great, they turned the United States into a corporatist oligarchy with their support of the Citizens United ruling, brought back and normalized fascist messaging strategy to justify the “political opinions” they were trained to have by arms dealers and war profiteers, bowed to the military industrial complex by creating unending conflict against a vague concept with the terror wars, and guaranteed that in our lifetime the United States and most of the west collapses under the weight of the dysfunction they created and enabled. And of course their greatest sin is the inaction, and often belligerent defense and support of, policies designed to only benefit the fossil fuel industrial plunderbund, in spite of the overwhelming evidence that doing so was dooming future generations to have to deal with billions-people immigration crises and trillions of dollars of damages and the loss of millions of species on the planet, and potentially ensuring the extinction of the human race in the next couple centuries. The boomers became obsessed with money and comfort and narcissistic entitlement without any real regard for their afterlife: how they’ll be remembered and regarded when they’re gone.

    File: wxssqxngs8p31.png (249 KB, 396x401)
    249 KB
    I'm going to rape all the white pussy in this planet with my tainted Mexican cum HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    File: PEDOS RISE UP - joker soc(...).png (380 KB, 500x375)
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    when the fertility kicks in, just don´t rape. before fertility it´s wrong, against nature and locks out a part of development.
    id rather be a pedo than a homo tbh
    File: 1570108536117.jpg (107 KB, 708x1000)
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    File: 1570268076163.png (832 KB, 697x1000)
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    more of a hebephile myself

    File: wolfjob.png (93 KB, 500x763)
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    so is this the new 8ch? where is the new frontier of the internet before the darkchans?
    File: KatechuuuuPerruuuu.png (965 KB, 1920x1080)
    965 KB
    it had been Katechuu Perruu
    i do like this chan but its hard to find a perfect replacement for 8chan
    Yumma Yumma Yumma .Dreamy cum bath. Sandusky mens call me, Jimmy Jo at 419-663-1426

    File: 63123cd89edc7df2cac228f9d(...).jpg (61 KB, 565x638)
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    did resident evil 4 predict the latin invasion of the west?
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    File: Latina.JPG (26 KB, 241x382)
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    aren't spaniards white people? Spain is in Europe
    they don't look fully white tbh
    File: dnc shill.jpg (1.1 MB, 3800x1904)
    1.1 MB
    that's cause they aint from Spain
    pic is male only ... you are gay

    hey everyone i just added this dumb showid feature

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