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File: 155033850648.jpg (70 KB, 869x690)
70 KB
another shitty ib ripping off 4chan, lol, this will never be like 4chan it's just a dead ib no one cares about. i'll better make my own ib which won't be a 4chan clone, bye.
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3chan was shut down for 2 years it reopened in early 2018.
And just because a chan is slow doesn't mean it's bad, some people like slower chans.

And for those saying 4chan is better it really isn't. Sure it gets a lot of posts but it's rare to see anything of value on there.
File: CE15DF4D-049B-4E65-8907-B(...).jpg (22 KB, 147x120)
22 KB
4chan's culture is about as detailed as this Chomp textured by Skelenio nowadays.
waw, amazing, you should become president
I like this chan, its comfy
Heh didn't know you were still around outside /sb/, but yeah, this guy should seriously become president of the Internet, we have much intelligence just in the OP alone

File: A162F054-C779-4B51-8D42-D(...).jpg (56 KB, 474x472)
56 KB
Hey so, i’m from Australia and i’m Not really good with computers or anything and I was wondering if anyone knew a way to get around the national block that has been put on 4chan since the Christchurch thing
why do you want to go on kikechan?

anyway since these blocks are bullshit I will show you two options you can try
if doesn't work then try
Cloudflare don't do this out of the goodness of their heart faggot.
Hey op, you know they lifted the ban right? Least they did on my isp

It is me moot.
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What are you talking about? It says moot right there. It's clearly our good pal Christopher Poole.
File: 1459556560578.jpg (170 KB, 680x1024)
170 KB
newfags cant pink name
Yes they can
But can you do this
Also 1440 get just like my monitor
That's standard issue shit, and standard issue shit that only attention whores use for the most part.

File: 1449343167129.png (624 KB, 372x855)
624 KB
pic related is best beverage, even better than canada dry
why only taco bell drink?
Look at it upside down, Mao

File: 5E162FA7-E44B-4E9F-A45B-D(...).png (820 KB, 1280x1280)
820 KB
duck you
Very unkind anon, I am hurt and my life withers away.

File: got soy.jpg (191 KB, 720x540)
191 KB

File: images.jpeg (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
Make her 3chan's kwaii mascot.
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File: giphy.gif (1016 KB, 500x270)
1016 KB
File: 5db6036c9e6b134dc3813c438(...).jpg (11 KB, 236x346)
11 KB
post higher quality kwaii images
I approve
File: 25284918-6006-44EA-B99F-9(...).png (135 KB, 500x500)
135 KB
Marked for deletion (old).

File: ms_hiroyuki.jpg (19 KB, 320x260)
19 KB
whatever, I am THE originalfag
gook is worst moot

File: 154751442893.jpg (20 KB, 209x241)
20 KB
Saludo a los soldados de Zeta.
Que ya an tomado posesión de éste chan
Estas tierras parecen prometedoras.
Pero considero que deberíamos analizar la idea de tomar posesión en 4chan y reclamar lo en nombre del Imperio de Zeta.
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este chan tiene tablones de mas para la actividad que tiene basicamente solo deberia tener /b/ y el tablon en español.
Tengo una idea y necesito saber cuántos anones siguen. Requiero de mínimo 2 o 3 negritos.
Cuentanos negro
Está aquí: >>/sb/209
Marked for deletion (old).

File: canadadry.gif (4.55 MB, 480x480)
4.55 MB
*sips can of canada dry*
muh 3chan pride
File: IMG_20190419_104359~2.jpg (28 KB, 241x361)
28 KB
Viva 3chan!

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