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3chan's server has been upgraded! Everything should load faster now.

The poll is over, /cuteboys/ won the poll with 27 votes, /l/ with 24 and /tech/ with 21.
/cuteboys/ is open for posting right now.

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File: bbb.png (4 KB, 300x168)
4 KB
whats the best deepweb forum? newbie here
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File: 1584571982451.jpg (646 KB, 1078x1115)
646 KB
y'all need the deep south web
I could fabricate some sort of formal/theoretical conceit involving
contre-jour and/or overexposed direct lighting, screening or blocking
elements inserted between the viewer and the landscape, and the
appearance of linguistic signs (that prohibit or proscribe access) as
visual phenomena therein (i.e. the transformation of word into image;
this is supposed to recapitulate the classic relationship between
connotation and denotation in the photo--at the same time as the
signs symbolically block physical access to the spaces, their
appearance as images visually blocks symbolic access to the spaces,

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Lay off the drugs.
File: u8f6.png (482 KB, 900x675)
482 KB
>>9392 (OP)
Nice try mister fbi
hidden answers basically deepweb quora. good shit. Also deep web radio for some music

File: prideflag.jpg (54 KB, 1280x720)
54 KB
Your fortune: Outlook good

Happy Pride Month 3chan!
Wheres the pride in being a degenerate?

File: logo.png (238 KB, 899x540)
238 KB
8chan is back!

File: sage.jpg (77 KB, 480x480)
77 KB

File: Suicide.jpg (88 KB, 861x1300)
88 KB
>be me
>got into anime in 9th grade
>by the end of that year I wasn't even just a weird person, I was "that guy"
>ever since I've spent innumerable hours at this desk, watching anime/hentai and playing VNs in this little corner
>I am going to have to do something about these piss bottles soon
>quarantine doesn't even feel like a big thing to me
File: storm1_002.png (5 KB, 320x200)
5 KB
> be me, Bork the Dork
> suck at vidya games
> never made it past the first stage of any game
> today got ganked right next to the green key!
> fucking ragequit right there, fuck this game!
One day I'll finish one of them games, you'll see!
>>9795 (OP)
>play hentai games
anon i watch anime too but what the fuck read doujins you cunt
>>9795 (OP)
just be thankful you haven't made it to poop sock level
He went straight to the brownpill.

File: malvo-bar.jpeg (64 KB, 840x561)
64 KB
>"anon, please dont kill yourself, i need you"
why are people like this?
>why are people like this?
Because they need you
This. Do your fucking job. You can complain off the clock.

File: Monkey School.png (303 KB, 1260x691)
303 KB
monkey school

A place where uneducated niggers go to learn their lesson if they somehow see the light of day again. This place is very chaotic so to avoid too much chaos we shoot some monkeys on sight to cut them the trouble of this hellhole.
I want free kfc too.

File: 1587744592875.png (230 KB, 320x320)
230 KB
Introducing... /anpol/ - Anime/Politically Incorrect!
You can be racist with animu and upload any memeflags you want!
i dont care
care dont i
could there be a story to act you little racist asian

File: Stillalivetriggermentionl(...).gif (489 KB, 696x848)
489 KB
kinda nsfw ish memes are OK
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File: 1590448355769.png (1.01 MB, 1079x2133)
1.01 MB
File: ai2.webm (3.98 MB)
3.98 MB
File: FB_IMG_1590223283209.jpg (76 KB, 650x695)
76 KB
File: kUcye2fJZI.jpg (29 KB, 240x320)
29 KB
File: fshio.jpg (9 KB, 194x259)
9 KB
that'll be 9 kekels sir

File: 101961114_326737059996147(...).jpg (41 KB, 396x617)
41 KB
Hello, boys! Do you think I'm hot? Wanna see my naked titties, ass, and pussy? Well, just send a picture of your dick to [email protected] and I will send you some nudes. The bigger your cock, the more pictures you get.
fuck off
your like a 4/10. If that's even you (which its probably not)

File: Rufas Jamucas.png (57 KB, 892x698)
57 KB
Crazy nigger
File: uveveveveveveve osas.png (137 KB, 340x298)
137 KB
>>9915 (OP)
ma nigga das crazy like mfing we waz kangz an shieeetttt

File: tumblr_91442726702a254098(...).png (181 KB, 380x341)
181 KB
What is this ? Another alt chan?
>>9932 (OP)
shut up
alt chan?
are you talking about the alt right?
shut up
>>9932 (OP)
make a better thread shit head

File: 20200213_205330.jpg (1.83 MB, 3264x2448)
1.83 MB
I work for a garage door company and I'm working at the warehouse on a slow day. AMA
I don't have anything to ask
how much do you get paid

File: 8oy7trc6.png (235 KB, 375x523)
235 KB
All boards will come to an end, 8kun is retarded and this place is empty. The Nazis are in control.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
it says made but it kinda runs off the edge of the card. make more nazi/hitler cards
File: bg20.png (161 KB, 604x482)
161 KB
shut up nigger

File: NINTCHDBPICT000400591286.(...).jpg (57 KB, 579x806)
57 KB
Is this the ideal female body?
32 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
ngl shes pretty shit
File: 1568843808684.png (38 KB, 200x200)
38 KB
>abs is a bad thing
File: r4323c.jpg (6 KB, 202x249)
6 KB
The best body

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