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3chan's server has been upgraded! Everything should load faster now.

The poll is over, /cuteboys/ won the poll with 27 votes, /l/ with 24 and /tech/ with 21.
/cuteboys/ is open for posting right now.

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File: 8chan-1068x712.jpg (20 KB, 1068x712)
20 KB
Your fortune: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン

So what do you /b/ros think of 8chan "as a brand" never coming back?
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very pathetic how many times it has gone down
>>6718 (OP)
Well 8chan is back lol....
its back at http://jthnx5wyvjvzsxtu.onion/ and 8kun.top
File: 8Kunt-Disability.jpg (343 KB, 1896x1270)
343 KB
8kun is shit

File: discord-logo.jpg (13 KB, 1000x563)
13 KB
What does 3chan think of Discord?
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File: 1588203005-0s.png (13 KB, 200x200)
13 KB
HHhhhhhhHHHHHHhhhhhhhHHHHHhhhhhhhHHHHHHhhhhhhHHHHhhhhhhhhh mmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy GGGgggggggGGGGGGGGAAaWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwWWwWwwwwDDDDDDDDDDDddddddddddddDDDDDddddddddDDDDDDdd

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Discord is for normalfags and little kids.
File: spoiler.jpg (2 KB, 127x118)
2 KB
>Discord is for normalfags and little kids.
>Discord is for little kids.
>little kids
>>9829 (OP)
i hate talking to people irl why bring that shit to the internet?
File: loop.gif (3 KB, 189x274)
3 KB
It looks like something I need to shoot!

File: vlcsnap-2020-05-20-16h57m(...).png (828 KB, 1280x720)
828 KB
All Transformations of the Sailor Guardians:

File: international.png (113 KB, 459x470)
113 KB
international total free speech area!!!



File: 1499363909938.gif (375 KB, 480x480)
375 KB
Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger

Should I open a poll to vote for a new board to be added?
/a/ will probably win again
Can we get /v/?

File: 1581908614699.jpg (271 KB, 1044x410)
271 KB
Imagine dying and having morons on 3chan post pics of your naked corpse all over the internet
Woudl it really matter ? I mena you are dead, so not sureyou woudl care. Btetter that then say having a video posted of you taking a trannie or nigger up the ass., or needing a quick power shit, so you take a crap in the street and it happens that you fall back into it and they have security cam footage of it all ? ? or waking up the next morning while camping with your buddies and finding a used condom full of cum hanging out your asshole ?
>>9992 (OP)
Who is he btw
He was some gangbanger bean who got murdered. He died with a stiffy so they took video of it.
I'm not even gay and I don't mind seeing that body...

File: 20190927_163242.jpg (2.92 MB, 3264x2448)
2.92 MB
Hey /b/, I've been slowly making baby steps towards a healthier lifestyle. I've been cutting back on sweets, introducing more vegetables and healthier elements in my cooking, cutting down on my take out, etc. I've made some good progress so far. What would those more knowledgeable than me recommend to someone starting out to exercise regularly. I don't have access to equipment or gym, but I'm more than willing to put in the work. Any body weight recommendations, or a workout routine to get me started? I do plan to buy some weights when I'm a little father along in all this.
walk, further and up hill over time, you only need a pair of shoes, assuming you own pants and a shirt already. Then start to run the same places.

Then at home, sit-ups (don't lift your feet and don't hook you fucking hands behind your head to support your head, old fag style. Chin ups, fin s a spot when you are out walking if you can or at home somewhere. If you're a chubby fag you wont be able to do any, failure to do a chin up shows you are too fat, aim for 5, then aim for 10, then sets of 10. Do assisted if you can until you can do some unassisted. Throw in push ups and chair dips.

Do that for a couple months while you figure shit out and try and move on to resistance training with actual weighs. Just do deads, bench, shoulder press and bench press, throw in some chins and forget the rest of the shit., then after a 6 months or a year, you'll figure more shit out/.

You don't get to be a fat lazy shit in a short time, you won't get fit and healthy in a short time. You should feel sore, you should NOT feel in pain.
File: Day_1.jpg (620 KB, 1440x2293)
620 KB
Alright /b/, here's day one. I plan on keeping everyone up to date, keep me accountable. Wish me luck.
Good luck op and don't just randomly disappear

File: 36CE9F35-A05E-4D41-8B36-C(...).jpg (672 KB, 750x934)
672 KB
FB/IG thread
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wtf is this ? stop fapping to this b grade shit anons !
I'm going right!
File: Sterling 3Jun 2.png (1.12 MB, 614x768)
1.12 MB
I enjoy having a penis.

File: 156646769669-1.jpg (94 KB, 1280x960)
94 KB
Check out my cock
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did. not. ask.
why are cocks gross?
U afraid of a real man's dick sissyboi?

File: Huh.jpg (260 KB, 1080x411)
260 KB
What causes this to happen?
meme od
U don't like what a real man looks like?
cause what ? you to post this photo ?

Well, you're 'e a fucking idiot, so that probably explains it

File: desu.png (431 KB, 1600x1200)
431 KB
one victim tries to explain that new masters has always lied at appearance, now the master is to question if she can keep up her appearance, because basically the background that is necessary to fill the gap of knowledge wich is missing has gone to far,

as new masters appearance falls her full public will recognize that her mastery has ended and she falls form master knowledge down to naked at knowledge

(btw In Flames scandiinavian metal group talks a lot ,,I, the mask,, still In Flames complains and is whining a lot but the set up of that formation just lives that desu picture in all that failure and complaing)

The master now has a roll model, the victim now she copies and adds a liitle more/better/extra to the victims structure, victim build it from bottom to top, let it be public behaviour, or work related question included wich work and degree, even social enviroment can be made for the master as a game has started, the power that is the reason of all the actions is one world will collide (die/be dead), since the master just is made by appearance i guess she even needs to get tactical support to win the game because she copies the roll model and just can´t compare

if the master would try to leave all the game behind the truth would reveal how naked she is and stupid, I heard of a burger wending intelligent guy who became a high payed business employe in studies and degree who playes? the game, the thing that desu scares is to leave all the given behind and turn around to get burger wending payment and same glory as the selfissues change and the social life tries to explain that new you at burger wending for a few days/weeks/months

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: desu desu.gif (73 KB, 282x141)
73 KB

Nice pasta Desu Desu.

File: urafaget.jpg (132 KB, 600x600)
132 KB
I guess it's time to fill the catalog with crap again.

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ass is for niggers
true man like flat chests
File: 14895ad79740821fcdfa1971d(...).png (2.08 MB, 2508x3541)
2.08 MB
She was 11 years old.

>>9999 (OP)
>>10000 (OP)
both stolen by shitty bots, sad.

File: handitover.jpg (195 KB, 780x408)
195 KB
File: 0640a4f8432ad4c638d13fdfa(...).jpg (139 KB, 850x984)
139 KB
this ok?
File: 5b0H0kbcEb.jpg (24 KB, 240x320)
24 KB
for you op, no nut though
File: 1529293679556.png (64 KB, 200x140)
64 KB
>>9949 (OP)
tiddies go boom haha
is she ready to get naked now, any movie directors recording some tapes? May her beauty fades faster than expected, I heard of washed up stars losing they beauty because they wasted.

File: 1591991707006.jpg (54 KB, 510x680)
54 KB
Well, like here the ugly incels have time on there hands to do the admin shit, and a jaunty hello, as I ain't doign it !
Hot, email me munara(dot)[email protected]

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