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The poll is over, /cuteboys/ won the poll with 27 votes, /l/ with 24 and /tech/ with 21.
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File: 1566536911063.png (427 KB, 889x492)
427 KB
why are swedish people like this?
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File: 20200519_154757.jpg (220 KB, 1648x1300)
220 KB
this is why i hate gays
what did gays and trannies ever do to you?
because it's a PAL region and they didn't get anime games until the 2000s
File: 1594240693858.jpg (143 KB, 1280x720)
143 KB
But wasting cum is bad for the planet!

File: rip9chan.png (88 KB, 996x712)
88 KB
rip 9chan for now
good that site was a shitehole
>>10198 (OP)
... I left it in the hand of the few people...
the few people is by my guess a covered community, truly I guess that I is the own few people by his own just outwithed

...we received no DMCA complaints...
there is a expression ,,no DMCA,, just because something that has not happen for only one month doesn´t make FBI come around. for a greater scene

...I was contacted by an FBI anti terrorism agent in regards to a credible threat...
there is a onlineboard and some nugget wants to tell me that nugget was pushed to get outpaid for owning a chan community. while 3chan board talks about onionsites or hatespeech towards jewish or detect jewish language or CP or etc. .I don´t belive there is a credible threat, just there is no value for that 9chan. I mean anybody can own a computer and domain it really is not that expensive, by anybody i mean anybody with the possiblity of internet. I can pay my own as working class paid human.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>10198 (OP)
...9chan was a love letter of mine to the community of 8chan...
now I guess the chanologie there are two ways to get the numbers (8chan 9chan) around, and jewish more ways more, one way is a disussion in a group that represents polotics when I have a suggestion to do something that is out of the box there can be a vote, for how fast is the group to throw the suggestion away and continue with the regular stuff. I as the one who suggested claim the vote 0 then let there be vote 1 to want to do what is suggested then at vote 2 person 3 the vote already is half baked but still is agreed so we have 3 agrees and 7 unclear by now to keep the logic general the counting needs to be mechanical, as I had 1 in favoure i have 1 on hate person 4 is a disagree, person 5 is in example on luck and agrees ,too. now the counting is 4 agrees and 1 disagree 5 unclear, by chanologie we reached the necesary number of downwarded voters the dark site of society, so we have still 5 more to vote who don´t want to have something happen who are fine with the world and don´t even see that something needs to be changed, I do want to say that is the reason why the end of the vote is 4 agrees 6 disagrees and everywhere always will be the same day as yesterday since it never could be changed till next time it never could be changed, well that has no sense. That is by my view the true logic for numbers it sperates good or evil, light or dark view on global, as there is a system build to only agree yes since you can vote no but then by logic only yes will happen since lgiht is always on top, as the system has been created for coin flip, just the failure is the upwarded side of the coin is jewish, I proved that.
then the 2nd way is by weight of brain how smart you are based by level and scale in your school system there are plenty of people and at some day you figure out you are not as smart as me so you is placed in a field below me now you can measure yourself with other persons and some day you know you on the earth is as smart as all the other you persons, because math can´t be outsmarted you is getting a number let it be 3 if you know try to out smart a 4 it usual don´t happen on weak moment of course a 4 even a 7 is outsmarted by a 3 but usual 3 is smarter then zero one and two and usual four and five need to explain when it was to fast, that are the ten levels from 0-9 on the scale, those 8chan 9chan are not just made for brain but for beauty social spirit, it some day even had been a way for paymentas a social grade in income to rent/buy more/less big houses drive the car for your number or get the food your social degree allows you to claimb or fall that grade.

but then there are jewish ways it is how many people are necessary to make your point of view greater than not your point of view, just basic polotics. there are 0-9 persons possible to write on a paper, just for examle some one said that the otherone is a pedophile/joke/has farted both persons want to have the own point of view to be counted as true, so now one does lie and because when the lie won´t be detected the liar has won, from time to time that is called a game, but in that game the first persons, those close by history, enviroment, work, after work, social need to be carefully watched so the general comunity will belive the liars point of view because the polotical might of well played numbers
then there is something black and white story for one coin fliped the others coin in a black and white logic based be mechanical truth were there are still two persons one ist that way and one is the other, but that only can be explained personally
If only tor was more popular. The fbi couldn't pry that.

File: teeme.png (80 KB, 293x339)
80 KB
This country has to be one of the worst shitholes in the world

a) One of the hardest countries to get sex. All women are both feminist whores and ultraconservative islamists at the same time. They dress up like whores, flirt with everyone yet don't let anyone touch them.

b)You get jailed and stabbed in prison for false rape accusation. There are no trials, no proof required in order to convict you.

c) Everything thats pleasureable is taxed to death. cigarette prices are 95%+ tax, alcohol is even more expensive than norway, gaming consoles have special taxes for them, phones have over 100% tax, cars have over 400% tax(real. a car that costs 2000€ in germany is sold here for 40000€)

d) High interest rates, horrible inflation (100%, prices double each year) and government fakes statistics

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>10215 (OP)
...h) paypal is censored ... jailed immediately ...
sounds like a heavy area where I can do what I want as member of the censorship, I don´t need to pay, I got dirvers, acess to the knowlege exists, can read the latest information of social life to cheat my appreance, and my safe word to get out of the dungeon is ,,anti niinistö stuff,, ,posted.

...i) extremly high ... goes unrecorded...
I can do what ever I want in an elite way to protect me for the danger, as when I was to late I was and the other was better.

...j) People ... kürt ölüm...
I rape my adopted family member (I´m 14 she is 8) and my parents allow me to what I want because the punisment for my actions are I get a choclate bar less.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Fuck off jiipe
Thats what happens when you have a all women government
File: 69d31754c7d95bb322ef52cec(...).jpg (36 KB, 714x512)
36 KB
jiipe = good
all women government = good
all nazi government = bad

File: boxxy.png (75 KB, 300x300)
75 KB
Original faggot here i used to use this site back when it was brand new a few years ago and only had a few people on it it seemed promising and i completely forgot this site existed now i am happy to see it back however i dont like all the normalfag-tier shit to be honest.
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File: fatman.jpg (30 KB, 728x410)
30 KB
File: Mt Eden - Serra Leon.jpg (128 KB, 1280x720)
128 KB
talking about censorship by accidents/suicides/OrYourInput kind of when your or neighbours or randoms life gets a 404 file not found to society status

triforcs interwebs database jewish

just I haven´t meant what that red line in this picture came from or what the birds describe when there is no sacrifice/suicide in regular life
File: TheNumberSaidTwoPersonAgr(...).png (144 KB, 660x251)
144 KB
already used content
I suggest we get Toyota Prius drivers an upgrade to a Morris Marina.

At least one makes a noise. Though if Mazda ever made a hybrid Mazda2 someone plz mod the Demio sound from GT2 into it lol
I smelled your noise and I don´t like you, sounds like a prius driver farted.

File: sw-20200331-0001.jpg (199 KB, 1440x1800)
199 KB
ass>tits 4 another thread at image limit
File: 94008470_518366515707224_(...).jpg (84 KB, 640x799)
84 KB
File: yosoygriselvazquez_943970(...).jpg (144 KB, 1080x1113)
144 KB

File: p51s503t11.jpg (100 KB, 750x750)
100 KB
check out my cute new friend :3
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File: 1576385102479.jpg (347 KB, 1800x1173)
347 KB
Nice, do you like my new dog?
File: Tasmanian-Devil.jpg (66 KB, 800x548)
66 KB
Your friend is adorable. Check out my new dog. I got him from the shelter. I don't know why why other animals are so afraid of him...
File: Tasmanian-Devil-cute.jpg (267 KB, 1600x1154)
267 KB
Day 2. My puppy is VERY HUNGRY. Also the cat went missing last night...
very strange looking dogg

File: BAK0o9I.png (744 KB, 814x823)
744 KB
Itt we take cringe memes from reddit and edit them

I'll start: https://www.reddit.com/r/dankmemes/comments/gnng6j/parental_warnings/
the fact they have a subreddit for "dank memes" is more Jewish than shekels
whenever i hear that word its always really shitty normie memes

File: 1567897641886.webm (3.98 MB)
3.98 MB
me rat

File: 1573188017678.png (288 KB, 608x341)
288 KB
File: ce242cac7f4f70d4dad6fd0bd(...).png (3.6 MB, 3600x2160)
3.6 MB
I'll have the furry porn
File: 5.webm (193 KB)
193 KB
File: 1578432450941.webm (372 KB)
372 KB
File: 5c47ab3a0b3ab852f5a581480(...).jpg (63 KB, 700x446)
63 KB
that kot is going to die from too much cockaine

File: tinyib.png (88 KB, 1920x845)
88 KB
Please come check out my tiny imageboard.
Tor: http://tinyib3eidonezb5loyenqdio63xopxlafify43o3iknh4emuuad5hqd.onion/

File: 1594122900245.jpg (72 KB, 736x981)
72 KB
I can't stop looking at this
>>10183 (OP)
nice, veri nice
roedora inmunda 🤢

File: Sabrina Carpenter 015.jpg (68 KB, 640x1138)
68 KB
can we try and get a Sabrina Carpenter NSFW thread going here?

File: 1579189945283.jpg (133 KB, 1080x1287)
133 KB
exhibitionist girls
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File: stacy-ridge-collage.jpg (387 KB, 1920x1080)
387 KB
File: 1588951392598.jpg (82 KB, 732x604)
82 KB
veri nice 9/10 would marry
File: 1591137160881.jpg (710 KB, 3840x2160)
710 KB
File: 8.jpg (139 KB, 680x1024)
139 KB
File: Nice cheerleader ass.jpg (796 KB, 1704x2075)
796 KB

File: download (1).jpg (1 MB, 3359x4788)
1 MB
anyone know if there's been any new leaks of her lately and if anyone knows of any or can point me in the right direction
this is a spam bot
no dude it's not asking a genuine request man

File: pornhub removes gdp.jpg (373 KB, 750x1063)
373 KB
what are your thoughts on this /b/?
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>push those warped expectations
Are you talking about developing fetishes?
Do you not love your family or shit like that?
I'd like to know better porn site if not pornhub. My whatsapp +1 202 746 1696
WTF? this has to be clickbait right? i dont think its sex trafficking they are just whores fucking chads like in all porn.
>dont think its sex trafficking they are just whores fucking chads like in all porn
pretty much but they complained afterwords, soo now some guy got jailed. one of them was Jessica Khater who now works for Celsius Network. It got picked up by /biz/ because they manage 300 mil chainlink funds
heard from one of the news articles covering this that they were boinking girls as young as 16yo and filming them

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