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should i care about what i post or just phphphphlhlhlhlhllllllllblblblblbbbbbbbbbbbbbbffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
fffahahhahaahah lolefunni
only quality shittyposts :DD

this board shit lol
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this melt my braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain
When you use your tounge to help a woman with a problem thats between here legs, you can place your tounge into her open field to get information about the wetness.
But according to me the tip of your nose meets a sting or cherry chop stick or something hard, kind of the hardness the hard area of your ear has. Now try to make a sword fighting dance with the tip of your tounge to sthe sting, other suck the cherry chop stick deep into your mouthhole and use the rough field on the midside of your tounge to sharply push her and your body not against eachother but in strongly connected surfaces, along in movment.

I heard that is mostly a good idea when there is a problem, but my fingers ainĀ“t skilled into the open field I described. Is anon willing to describe content?

Since this is a special education room

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