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File: 3chan-logo.png (5 KB, 300x100)
5 KB
The actual logo seems to be made on paint, haven't you considered using a better logo?
The logo doesn't look too bad and no its not made in paint. If someone wants to be a better logo then I will probably replace it.
File: 1550510146224s.jpg.png (247 KB, 1004x711)
247 KB
I made one
Too blurry :/
i'll redo the leaves
File: 1550510146rrrr224.png (32 KB, 300x100)
32 KB
Okay I made a few
File: 1550510146224.png (27 KB, 300x100)
27 KB
this is my personal favorite
Added to the homepage as rotating
personally I love this logo as someone who uses RGB SCART for their PS2 lol (PS2slimfags get out)

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