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/rol/ - Roleplay and /sb/ - Board Espa˝ola are now live!

/rol/ - Roleplay and /sb/ - Board Espa˝ola are now live!

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This poal is setup to accept user submitted answers.
wouldn't mind moderating a /tech/ board of some sort, but I doubt I'd get how to moderate a chan tbh.

/linux/ is a bit too specific of an option.
File: tuxnoose.jpg (69 KB, 856x1144)
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I also wouldn't mind moderating /tech/ or /linux/.

Also is only the top board being chosen or the top two or three?

Right now its:
1. Anime
2. Loli
3. Linux

Come on /linux/
File: 1526810452929.jpg (23 KB, 350x420)
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heck, lets make /www/, but include GNU/LINUX, TECHNOLOGY, ANIME & INTERNET CULTURE all in one board. Hmm... sounds kinda like /tech/ or /g/
File: 1512962028640.jpg (28 KB, 315x268)
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well we got /a/ and /l/

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