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    File: 1553226472397.jpg (46 KB, 408x895)
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    hey mods you got your fucking style sheets mixed up
    I just tested it on this board, and it seems to work, so the problem might be limited to /int/
    Selecting Tomorrow enables Burichan, Janichan enables Tomorrow, Yotsuba enables some homebrew rounded version of Yotsuba, Yotsuba B enables Yotsuba, Mitsuba enables Yotsuba B, Futaba enables some lime theme, etc.
    I also ran a dead imageboard in the past, and I also ran into a similar problem to this while adding stylesheets and shit, but I forget what caused it

    anyway here's my waifu his name is Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler say something nice about him
    >>235 (OP)
    This is because of the hispachan theme that /int/ has by default. I guess I will make the hispachan theme global to fix the issue.

    And an unexpected choice for a waifu which is always nice to see.

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