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    This site is real dang broken. Has potential though. Good luck.
    Could you tell me exactly what is broken so I can fix it?
    well I don't know about OP, but a hover over view feature of some kind would be nice so we don't have to scroll allover the page. a quick reply feature would be nice too

    I wouldn't say "broken" but there are some lacking features that honestly do make browsing a tad more complicated than it could be
    oh and a search feature would be fantastic so we don't have to rely on ctrl/f
    File: Untitled.png (Spoiler Image, 737 KB, 1920x1080)
    Spoiler Image, 737 KB
    fukken /b/ is broken

    can't post new threads, 403 errors...
    I'm currently still working on the 4chan extension implementation.
    I have almost all the features that don't require json information working. This means hover over quote preview, quick reply and reply/thread hiding, ect.
    But things like thread updater/watcher won't work. If I figure out how to program an api they will work.
    The work I have left to do is testing and some rewriting to make sure there is no issues.

    I'm sure when quote hover is added you will have to do less ctrl+f.
    And anyway all the search features I've seen added to ibs haven't been great.

    >I'm not sure what caused it but it should be fixed now. Sorry for that.

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